Summer of Shows – Amani Jabril at Steve’s Live Music

imageWe’ve often talked about how grateful we are to be in Atlanta where the Raqs shows are plentiful. Just about every weekend we get treated to the most amazing performances around the city in a variety of communities. This coming weekend is the annual show hosted by Amani Jabril of Amani Jabril Middle Eastern and World Dance. This year we’ll see the return of Rosa Noreen and Jonatan Derbaq who graced the stages in 2014 with some pretty amazing material. This year, there’s guaranteed to be even more splendid spectacular with a line up featuring many of Atlanta’s best raissat and crowd pleasers.

One of the highlights will be seeing Amani Jabril LIVE. Her award winning dances and teaching styles are known internationally and it’s an honour to have her based out of Atlanta. As mentioned by Zaghareet, this city is filled with hidden gems and excitement. Amani and her friends sparkle at every show, gaining global fans and stealing hearts in the international community. She and her raqs colleagues do not disappoint.

Rosa Noreen

The show begins at 9pm on Saturday June 6th at Steve’s Live Music in Sandy Springs just north of Buckhead, Atlanta. Parking is free and the bar will be open all night. Steve’s not only has great music but a cool menu of savoury treats for attendees. You can get comfy and bring a friend for all of his fantastic shows. We hope to see you Saturday for this annual extravaganza of shimmering Raqs Sharqi.

Visit: Dancers Intensive Atlanta for more information
Buy tickets at the door $15

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