Shimmer and Shine this Summer in Urban Shimmer

Karma Karmelita featured in Urban Shimmer for
Karma Karmelita featured in Urban Shimmer for
We’re looking forward to co-sponsoring several events this summer alongside some great raqs show producers and hosts. We’re participating in fashion shows and doing bigger giveaways than usual! So don’t miss out on the opportunity to get some cool accessories from

One of the popular items we featured at the Essence of Bellydance event from our early release was MBD’s Urban Shimmer ensemble. This gorgeous two piece can be mixed and matched in various ways. It’s a pretty snazzy outfit that dancers are wearing on and off stage. Much of our clothing can be worn as raqs couture for everyday fun and events. At “big city events” We often see ladies and some gents sporting our veils and long scarves in fashionable ways. With Urban Shimmer we wanted a hoodie to compliment the newer mix of dance styles in the raqs community. Many dancers were coming to class in jump suits with full hoods. That reminded us of some of the hooded garments in our own cultures. Not to mention, our resident archivist had been asking us to make a hooded jacket for her for such a long time. Finally we sat down and drafted it up. She loved it and it went into production.

Faaridah of Atlanta Fusion Bellydance in
Faaridah of Atlanta Fusion Bellydance in
Urban Shimmer comes in a skirt and pants in the gold or silver fabric. We may not restock this particular thread for long so you’ll want to buy it while we’ve got it. No guarantee we can re-create this later. If there’s a style you’re looking for or need let us know. We’ll happily speak with you on the phone or email to help you develop the look you want. But first check through our outstanding costume and raqswear ready made for petite to plus and stock up. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for giveaways and chances to be entered into drawings each month!

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The amazing Louchia - from several Raqs productions such as Bellydance Evolution's Alice in Wonderland is modeling
The amazing Louchia – from several Raqs productions such as Bellydance Evolution’s Alice in Wonderland is modeling

Mother’s Day Weekend at AFBD

imageOur volunteer archivist spent a Saturday morning at Atlanta Fusion Bellydance during their holiday special. It was quite a beautiful experience. Read more…

AFBD had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend special where every class was 50% off. My friend Haylee was very interested in taking some intro classes to Raqs Sharqi so I decided to take her there and let her meet the raqs community in all its glory. The first class was a drop-in class on the Salimpour method. This class is really technique based and was led by Faaridah assisted by Jamie, two amazing and very dedicated members of the Atlanta’s Raqs Community.

I was impressed not only by the warm up but also by the way in which the class was taught. It was filled with several new people including veterans and experts in the field. They used a mix of different music including some hishibishek classics like Shick Shak Shok. The students caught on to the style very quickly and seemed to enjoy the material. Both Faaridah and Jamie were thorough and easy going making for an extremely pleasant environment. Even some of our international community members who were shopping at’s warehouse for the day spoke about how comfortable they felt with the environment as well as Faaridah and team. Kudos to them for making it easy on all in their midst.

Following that class was Hadil’s 6 week class for beginners. The music chosen for this class was the real deal. Hidden gems like Cheb Mami were played as well as other pieces of material from my late teens early twenties. While those years aren’t that far away, anyone that knows raqs sharqi can certainly appreciate hearing voices from the Maghreb in a raqs course for beginners given that so many are throwing their students to everything but Middle Eastern and African music as a start to their raqs education. I also want to commend Hadil for the thorough and thoughtful class. It was fantastic!

We are grateful for the insight to classes and courses in the city. We’re also grateful that our partners, AFBD, are right next door. Be sure to check out their site. You can also visit ours for Mother’s Day savings of 12% off orders of $75 or more with code “mother” at check out. Be sure to send us photos of you and your parents and mother figures in your life. We’re gladly giving away prize packs in a Mother’s Day drawing to take place this week.

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Essence of Bellydance 2015 News – The Cool Perks of Competition

We’ve been discussing competitions and opportunities to showcase the cultural art that you’ve learned. We are thrilled that so many appreciate it enough to invest in it by going to classes, perfecting the craft and absorbing cultural aspects. Essence of Bellydance, as mentioned before, is working hard to make sure your hard work will have a prominent stage on which to show your passion for Raqs Sharqi. Their Essence of Bellydance Competition takes place this coming September in Atlanta Georgia. All details are listed on their website as well as instructions on registering. To better understand the environment and staging for EOB2015, have a look at past event videos we’ve included.

Why Compete/Should You Compete?
This is a chance to not just show your appreciation for the art but also to network and get feedback from those working in the Raqs industry globally. There are two competitions, one titled “Oriental Competition” and the other “Fusion Competition.” Judges include Luna of Cairo, Soraia Zaied, Petite Jamilla and other notable names. There will also be an audience choice winner ¬†who will earn a trophy as well. The prizes range from gift bags and tiaras to $1000 in cold hard cash – not a check…but actual cash. will also be giving away quite a few grand prize packs for several winners. It’s certainly going to be worth one’s while to showcase their love and talent for the dance.

Extra Info
Be sure to read the competition page carefully and understand that there will be preliminaries for the soloists. Troupes will be officially registered once all participating competition performers in their group have paid in full. So keep that in mind and make sure your fellow raissat know that so you don’t miss out. This is a great opportunity to meet the stars, gain new fans and interact on the conference circuit which is one of the best ways to be successful and continue in the art stateside. We want you to feel encouraged and excited about it so reach out to Team Essence or even us here at with your questions.

We’re very excited to be a part of the Essence of Bellydance celebration of Raqs Sharqi and we look forward to seeing you there!

Annual attendees, remember how much fun we had in 2013 & 2014? You’re gonna have fits of joy at 2015!

Team MBD

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