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Summer is the season of Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance) conferences. It’s the perfect time to hit the beach between shows and workshops in bright colours and pretty prints. Below are some of our summer sensation picks.

Some of our fans said they wear these ensembles out and about for everyday wear. This one is one of the more popular ones. It comes in seafoam green, pink grapefruit and white sands.

CS371-2T (2)

Lovely lace ensembles are soaring in popularity and these are actual 25yrd skirts that you can enjoy as you stroll on the beach. Note that you can also wear a neat top underneath that you can switch out with a solid colour swim suit or wear as is.


If you’re looking to do Yoga on the beach, consider investing in some flexible one and two piece suits that work well for morning workouts.


And of course, when you’re ready to hit the town you can doll it up in this cute ruffle black and white skirt . Loved for the stretchy waist and that it can be paired with a cute black top. Currently on clearance for $19.99


If you and your friends are out and about in MBD, snap a selfie! Send it in and we’ll enter you in to win one of many big prizes from You could also win a gift basket of products from HairLaVie!

Happy Summer!
-Team MBD

Swap N Shop & Help Kittens!? Oh yeah!

This weekend we’re excited to give a portion of our sales to Cats in the Cradle no kill shelter. You can join us on site at to take advantage of $40 belts for costumes, 25% off professional costumes and so much more. You can also learn more about the shelter and help them with their costs. This shelter provides so much for cats and you can visit them!

Learn more at the weekend Swap N Shop featuring vendors like and many more, plus a big party in honour of Prince will follow at Atlanta Fusion Bellydance (their studio is on site). Snag a purple ticket with this link. Can’t wait to meet everyone! Gonna be a lot of fun for a great cause!
See you there!


Bellydance Presentation

A troupe or sololist’s overall presentation should not only demonstrate their best skills but also their best selves. It’s one of the reasons we’re striving to provide a diverse offering of raqs wear and bellydance costumes to our fans. We want everyone to have a wide variety of options that fit their individual “Bellydance Presentation” needs. This now extends to hair and make-up.


Earlier this year we teamed up with HairLaVie haircare, testing out what products worked best. Some of you all know our product manager, Judith. She is championing these great hair products because of the amazing results she has seen after using them on her own hair. In the coming days we’ll be talking about specific differences in this hair care line as compared to what we’ve been using ourselves.



A great costume deserves the best hair and make-up to compliment it and we know you’ll benefit from combining these great products in your routine. We’ve shared with you our costume and hair care suggestions. We want to hear from you about your favourite make-up and feature many of you in your costumes while wearing your favourite brand of eye shadow, lipstick and more. Also if you’re looking to try HairLaVie let us know. We’re giving away HairLaVie gifts to some of our fans.

Send us your pictures via facebook or tweet us Tell us your hair, make-up and overall bellydance presentation goals. One of you will be the lucky recipient of a basket of hair products from HairLaVie ! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Present Your Best Self!

-Team MBD


The Purple Hafla

Purple HaflaDearly beloved bellydancers, we are gathering this coming Sunday to celebrate the ruler of hearts, the man who helped us get through this thing called life. We’re going to go crazy in the name of the Purple Reigning Royal himself, Prince.

Sunday 26 June at 3pm, The Purple Hafla will take place at Atlanta Fusion Bellydance located within’s warehouse. Straight back through to the studio you will be delighted with a show that features a number of amazing Prince fans who also bellydance and celebrate the art of Raqs Sharqi. will be present with lots of giveaways and portion of sales going to the charity:

What To Expect?
Swap & Shop
From 3pm-5pm there will be dancers selling and even giving away used and brand new costumes.

The Show
The show starts at 5:30pm and features a stellar line-up of fans and friends  Visit this link to learn more and get your Purple Half tshirt.



Thanks for reading and if you’re in need of therapy, friendship sessions and more which go along with the mourning process, please reach out to us on Facebook. We’ll link you to several groups online who celebrate Prince everyday.

PROUD SPONSOR of Essence of Bellydance 2016

Once again we’re excited about Essence of Bellydance! This year we’ll have representatives present throughout the entire weekend. We’ll be selling just a few of our popular items and also offering you a chance to pre-order or come by our place, during your time at the festival, to try on different things you want to buy. May we recommend the following?



Beilasi worn by Karma Karmelita of Atlanta



Allow us to make a plug for Studio Jaki who will be doing photoshoots on site. Sign up!
save 10% on your future order at when attending this event.



Spinning Spirit worn by dancer Karma Karmelita of Atlanta


All of this and more are available on – write to us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram to learn more about each outfit. We’ll be posting videos throughout our time there. Click here and join the fun!

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