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IBCC 2008

Right now, all across the social sphere are chats and conversations about raqs sharqi, global dances from the region and music conversations. We want to say thank you for continuing the conversations because they are truly important. Getting to the root of a dance and learning the whys and hows of the region is essential for growth. We believe that no matter what your level in this art, lectures and forums are a key component to being a good dancer and a great fan.
In 2007, 2008 and onward, we had several dancers, enthusiasts and instructors from our dance community in Atlanta join an amazing group of people from around the world in Toronto, Canada. Our resident archivist was there and still marvels at the amazing information and experience of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada. Here her words about the good ole days!

It was a great conference and just about everyone I had ever loved in the dance world was there minus some of the legends from the 50s. Nath Keo, Tito Seif, Mark Balahadia, Shira of, the group formerly known as Arabesque and a million others it seemed were there. People I had only had the opportunity to read about online or see when a relative from back home was raving over “this guy named Tito is amazing!” were there…it was a dream come true. I fell head over heels for this conference. My favourite parts w, aside from the incredible shows, were the lectures. We talked about everything from men in dance to the stigma of being ibn raissa… I mean, the presenters held nothing back. I’m happy that these conversations continue. If you ignore it, your presentations suffer. You have to be a part of the talks to really understand what you’re presenting. A class is the first step but take that conversation to the next level at a forum. Dance education is key! -Andinha

Houston Oriental and Folklore Dance Festival is another great conference to attend that features great shows and competitions!
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What forums do you attend? What classes do you take to get more than technique? We’d love to hear from you! And if you’re headed to shows this summer or have been to plenty, reach out to us here on our blog or send us an email on our Facebook page so we can give you a coupon code to save on your next purchase with

Thanks for reading!

-Team MBD

Summer Picks for a season filled with Raqs Sharqi



Here are some of our favourite summer raqs wear picks! Be sure to send in photos of yours  and tell us why you love that particular ensemble so much! We’ll select a winner before the season ends! They’ll get a $50 gift card to use at just in time for a new season filled with our new soiree sensations… can’t wait!


Sheer skirts!
Lace is cool, comfy and cute!

Colour combinations in black and red are sizzlin’ hot!


CS362-7T – bright colours are here! 

Visit for some of your favourite looks and costumes for summer! We offer custom sizing and specials for troupes! Contact us today via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well! We’re here to supply sensational solutions to your bellydance soirees and shows!

It’s Hot! Stay Safe at the Raqs Soiree

It is hot out and dangerously so in some cities. Yet, the show must go on. Remember the following for outdoor gigs where the heat is borderline unbearable.

It’s too darn hot! But perfect for our Sorraiah Star ensemble! 
  1. Water! You must hydrate.
  2. Wear breathable costumes such as cotton and breathable sheer garments
  3. Take breaks. A 15 min set is fine as long as it’s not followed by one more. Even if you think you can do it, just take a break and come back in 10-20.
  4. Fire Safety is key for those performing with flames for tea tray dances that feature flames. Remember you can always do the classic balancing of a tea tray minus the flames. There are options!
  5. Bring a friend. Oftentimes it’s good to have that person with you who can be a second pair of eyes on a situation. Sometimes we go to gigs and are nervous or feeling exhausted by the heat. That great friend that loves you can be there to assist and provide support in ways you’ve never imagined.
Easy cotton fabric costumes are key in the heat!

What are some ways you all are staying cool, hydrated and safe this summer? Drop us a comment below and we’ll enter you to win two hipscarves from Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

-Team MBD

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