International Dance Day – 29 April

Khaleegi workshop with Kay Hardy - studying Raqs Sharqi and dances of the East are great ways to celebrate and honour International Dance Day
Khaleegi workshop with Kay Hardy – studying Raqs Sharqi and dances of the East are great ways to celebrate and honour International Dance Day
Every year dancers and fans of dance art celebrate International Dance Day with festivals and performances. There is an actual council and committee that work toward keeping this day as an important one in our lives. The focus is not just for dancers but for those who may not be aware of national dance or those who are not particularly “involved.” This day raises awareness of dance education and helps people become a part of the wider dance communities that are active around the world.

Of course, is completely onboard these efforts. We’ll be highlighting the website for IDD and reminding others to celebrate and honour dancers in their communities. We’re also offering a discount of 12% using code “justdance” for all orders of $75 or more. In the future, we’ll be reaching out to other dance teams such as Atlanta Fusion Bellydance and create a broader celebration of this incredible day. Meanwhile we want to know what your plans are for this holiday. Send us photos, tweets or tag us on Instagram with your International Dance Day photos. As customary, we’re giving away prizes to five submissions from our IDD prize drawing. We’ll also feature the winners in blog posts and on our social media.

Let’s share International Dance Day together! Happy Dancing!
-Team MBD

Keeping Cool in the Coming Summer

Expo wear
Expo wear

We predict it will get really hot this summer. But that doesns’t mean you have to just tough it out in heavy costumes and layers that make every performance or dance outing require an airconditioner. People love to sit outside and enjoy the sun, good friends, good food and entertainment. That means you might get asked to share a bit of raqs sharqi at an outdoor venue. If you’re a tribal style dancer or love the looks of fusion raqs this can present a problem. But have no fear, we’ve got a solution in our sheer raqs sharqi ensembles.

Several of our sets come in gorgeous prints that are thin enough to layer atop a solid skirt. Our Expo Kiss set has an adjustable top made of comfortable sheer fabric, a matching skirt and comes with a cute coined hipbelt. This is best worn with a black underskirt or maybe harem pants (we’ve not tried that combo) and a comfortable thin bra top. The skirt is elastic in the waist.

imageTry one of these to put your troupe at ease when asked to go out and do your best in the blazing heat of the coming season. Don’t forget to send us a photo so we can feature you and your event in our blog and social media. Happy dancing!

-Team MBD

Couture In the Competition

Shop now for your competition wear
Shop here for your competition wear

We’re really looking forward to Essence of Bellydance this year. Our part in the program is primarily couture based as one would expect. For the Cabaret Meets Fusion Competition you’ll get to see a variety of dancers competing for the title of Miss Essence as well as troupes competing for the Essence Raquettes award. The competition has two tracks, Oriental Cabaret which is to highlight many classic styles in the Middle East, and Fusion which is open to a mix of styles that are influenced by the raqs genre. Be sure to visit the Essence of Bellydance webpage to get a full understanding of what the competition entails. No coins, no jewelry, no hipscarves… That’s right, for the preliminaries, it’s just you, your energy, your moves and the music! It’s all about your talent and raqs knowledge. Nothing else can be worn that will distract from your performance.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t look good. We are partnering with Essence to provide participants a comfortable and stylish set of raqs wear that meet the criteria. While not required (judges will not be aware) you can pick from any of the following items on our class wear page and leave off the hipscarf. Feel free to pick other items but remember, no embellishments or hipscarves, coins and jewelry. Use “TeamEssence” at checkout and get an 8% discount. You can only use it once so choose carefully.


The Belly Basic

Lace Pants and Choli Top

Urban Shimmer

Satin Harem Pants and Top

Top and Pants


Lace For You

Something Fun
imageWe wish everyone a hefty bit of fortune as they compete. Leave us a video about your experience on our Facebook page. Browse our online store for other items you may need and add them to your order so you can enjoy the discount on everything you need to enjoy the conference with great ease and comfort as you dance and dazzle the audience. We’ll be there cheering everyone on from the competition to all of the cool gala shows.

Be sure to subscribe for more insider bellydance news on Essence of Bellydance 2015!

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Colourful Crystal Casbah Costume

imageWith just barely 60 days left of Spring we want to enjoy these great colours while they are in the prime of their season. Our Crystal Casbah set is one of the brightest batik’s we’ve ever encountered. The fabric is cotton and comfortable. It spins and moves beautifully whether you are on stage or just wearing it to feel festive at events.

This ensemble has bell sleeves, elastic in all the right places, making it comfortable and non-constricting for all members of your troupe and dance circle of friends. It comes with a matching beautiful hipscarf featuring the fun fringes (find similar ones here if you like the fringe styles). We also have a variety of earrings and necklaces to match.

If you’re interested in this order yours today from Take a photo of you and your troupe in it and we’ll feature you all and your next event on all of our social media pages. We love sharing great photos of our fans and friends. Keep in touch! image

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Fantastic Colourful Costumes

imageWe’re all about having a complete look on stage. When you’re dancing you want to have the whole nine yards, go all out, be memorable! One way to do that is to colourfully coordinate from head to toe with matching and complimenting hues. When wearing red, it might be customary to match it with white or black. But we believe red can be paired with other bold colours!

The right accessories are also crucial. You’ll want elegance and bling, two things that are sometimes hard to pair. Your bling should also highlight your tummy area and not take away from it. Accentuate your midrift with a complimenting colour scheme and jewelry or a hipscarf. Get your friend’s opinion. Show them photos of yourself in various poses and get their honest thoughts. Does it really look good on you?

Before buying, measure yourself accurately. Make sure you get someone to help you if needed. There’s nothing worse than ordering something only to have it not fit upon arrival. Once you have it on, do your routine in your garment to make sure there aren’t any surprises. Does it move the way you need it to for the piece you are to perform? Most of the time, a skirt set with a bra top (bedluh) will be fine for all types of classic staged shows in raqs sharqi. For advanced moves, floor work and props, test it all out so you can adjust your movements to keep them from getting caught on a costume (i.e. assayah flipping your skirt up in the air during an intricate move). image

Colourful costumes can add so much to a show and are great for costume changes. Think of your favourite colours… Which combos would you choose? Let us know!

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