Another Great Weekend with Suhaila — Raqs Atlanta

Our friend and raqs archivist just released her experience watching Suhaila Salimpour’s Level 2 course. She loved it! Enjoy her take on the show!

I was grateful that I was allowed to sit in on one of the courses and the show during the Suhaila Level 2 weekend hosted by Atlanta Fusion Bellydance last weekend. On Friday, I was able to catch the first class. It was clear that these loyal students had been working out all day, dancing […]

via Another Great Weekend with Suhaila — Raqs Atlanta Supports ShimmyMob 2019

We are pleased to announce that ShimmyMob will be one of our partnerships in 2019. We’ll be meeting with their team and discussing how we can help bring awareness to all that the group stands for. Gathering together with friends and dancing around for a great cause is one of our specialties. We’ve been involved in a number of community activities that bring to the forefront a variety of issues that not just our dancers have experienced but also those of their famiily and friends. will commit to assisting with prizes, giveaways and so much more as we lead up to the ShimmyMob events this year. We will participate in two and both are hosted and run by Valencia and Saniyah, two dynamic dancers that have supported Atlanta’s International Community and those all around the United States. In addition, they help raise funds and awareness to numerous groups in need. We are so happy to join them in this effort. Please continue to check our blog and social media for more updates.

Let’s give our heart and support to great causes all year long!

Happy New Year!

We’re absolutely excited about 2019! We’re partnering with a number of dance shows and festivals to bring you the first glimpse of our couture and bellydance costuming line. For us these items are more than just costumes, these are our clothes. These items help make us who we are and help us showcase the hard work and skill that goes into the art of Raqs Sharqi.

Huge thanks to all who helped us out over the year including Essence of Bellydance, Caravan of Dancers, Simon Markysmoonlight and many others who have gone out of their way to showcase our couture and clothing to dancers around the globe and or been super supportive like Lebanese Simon Sako.

If you’re having an event and you’re looking to partner with vendors and more let s know. Send us a message ATTN: AskMissBellydance Partnership and we’ll get in touch! Happy New Year!

Masquerades Today

The modern masquerades of today feature a variety of outstanding costumes that are actually quite lovely given that some items of the modern day have little to no style at all. So much of what we see in modern day is either a bad spin-off of something amazing from yesteryear or very plain and animated in a less than flattering pattern. Events like DragonCon feature balls where people take exquisite care for their costumes and masks.

We’re right in this realm with our newest collection of face wear as mentioned a few weeks ago here on Our goal is to support the intricate and heavily decorated items that you find at elegant masquerades. We’re taking this to a new level with refined and pristine pieces that will not only turn heads but make you the belle and beau of the ball.

Visit this item here in our online store

Swirl Your Skirts

One of the most memorable things about a bellydancer is her skirt. Some may think it’s the bra top but the skirt accentuates the hips and that’s where the action happens. The swirl, the turns, the ornaments and other elements illuminate the garment making it a focal point for just about any raissa on the raqs stage. It’s essential to make sure that skirt is the most eye catching element of your entire wardrobe as a performer.

We’re particularly proud of one of our skirts. It’s the pedal skirt we’re highlighted in our flashsale. It has the eye catching embellishments and layers that make it an obvious garment fit for bellydance. We really love it. You will too!

Visit this item here on our website!

Dance Hoodies

Our dance hoodie was inspired by one of our members with ties to the Maghreb. She loves the culture and has relatives from West Africa and is first generation herself. When looking for a cover-up to compliment our new designs she suggested going for the traditional yet modern style chebba wear. This birthed the Chebba Thobe or Chebba Hoodie.

It’s comfortable, long and covers the ankles so you can conceal just about anything or any costume. This one is rather sheer yet the fabric is so well put together it keeps you warm in the winter and still allows you to breathe in the summer. This is certainly one of our favorites and quite the head turner at international dance shows and events.

Visit this online and have a look!

Glam Holidays

When you want holiday glam there’s no better people to shop with than Bellydancers! We, the raissat of the world, know about bling! We are the kings and queens of it to be exact! This year we suggest big bold pieces that make you stand out in a crowd. Be powerful, be loud, be big and loving! Have no fear in embracing the world around you and all your friends and fans!

Dancers believe in being inclusive and adorning their delightful families with a bit of their lives. If you’re a dancer who is giving, consider cute bracelets for your friends, dance students and family at the holiday party.

Giving the gift of glam to the dancer in your life? Go big! A bold bellydance belt is key. Also consider earrings, gorgeous accessories sets that really enhance the costume under the stage lights. You’ll want your loved one to light up the room they way they light up your life! Check out all that we have in stock! And feel free to stock up, they are at great low prices!

As a bonus, feel free to send us a photo of you or your loved one blinged out in MissBellydance accessories and costumes from now until the 31st of the year! We’re giving away a huge prize on the first of January to the two of our customers! Just drop us a photo on our Facebook page to enter!

We’ve Got Masks! is super proud to showcase our new mask collection. Over the next few weeks you will see a variety of videos and photos featuring this new product that many are saying is taking glam to the next level for dancers and entertainers! Once reserved just for masquerades, masks are now part of a new movement in fashion.


Few are waiting for a special occasion to don their favorite fashion. Beyond cosplay, daily fashion bloggers, lifestylers and more take to the street, their jobs and everyday lives in extraordinary fashion. Will masks be the new thing that many wear daily as a part of their look? Let’s talk about it! Give us your thoughts on our Facebook page, Tweet us or tag us in your post on Instagram. We’re looking forward to keeping the conversation going around new trends in facewear!

You can start your own trend or join in the nightly serenade of sensational entertaining events with one of our new masks. Take a look at the full line, see our photos on our social platforms and let us know which one you like. For the next few days you can save 10% on all orders with code HAUNT at checkout! Get in on these fashion deals while you can!

Q&A with MissBellydance!

Q: Dear MBD, I’m wearing the same costume I had on last week. What can I do to spice up my wardrobe?

A: Lots of gorgeous sheer shimmering costumes for late night evenings that are inexpensive and travel easy are on our site. While you don’t need to have a new costume for every performance, you never want to feel like you have to repeat the same costume over and over again because it’s your favourite one. Try mixing and matching.

Get the one in our featured image here

Get entered to win free earrings and jewelry when you let us know you bought this costume this week! The first 5 people will be sent earrings and a bracelet! Tag us or post it on our Facebook page and let us know!

Here for the Harem Pants

Harem pants, also called pantaloons, are a staple in the raqs world. Women and men wear these comfortable lose pants to perform, teach and just look absolutely fashionable. Knowing that everyone uses these pants differently we’re introducing a more stylish print that can be mixed and matched with your raqs wardrobe and fun dance clothes.

Check out these great styles of pantaloons for your trouseau and trips to conferences and gala shows. We’re giving you a $100 gift certificate if you can mix and match these in a way that is super traditional and another that is modern and fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with in your photos. Share them with us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram with #MBDMixMatch in the description.

Happy Dancing, Mixing and Matching!

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