Season of Festivals Continues!

Our resident archivist spent her weekend at TribalCon and loved it! Here’s more…

After taking a year off from TribalCon (missing TribalCon 12) I was eager to return to TribalCon 13 because Donna Mejia was there. Everyone knows how much I adore her and so does half the world, right? She’s amazing! To my comfort and that of many others, the entire two nights of shows were filled with amazing talent. Our Atlanta raqs teams like The Salimpour Collective, Northside Tribe, Jenny Nichols, Jendayi, Heidi and Lotus Seeds were spectacular! Each group brought some really fantastic presentations to the stage. Their work was diverse, inclusive, entertaining AND educational!

WildCard Bellydance

One of the awesome sets of the night as presented by Awalim. They have coined the term Orientale Tribal Fusion (OTS) and it is spectacular. This particular style includes a lot of what we call hishibishek and it’s very refreshing to see it presented so well. It’s hard to find it outside of eastern communities so I was thrilled and overjoyed seeing it at TribalCon. Other salutes to the region included sets by one of the many awesome Jennys at the con, Aaliyah Jenny C (one of my favourite people on the planet). Her set included a remix of Abel Kader…need I say more? Northside Tribe did a veil fan piece with ATS transitions and all of the members looked gorgeous, wearing really lovely make-up and costumes. You could see all of the hard work and attention to detail that they put into their set. Very nice. Sabeeya Sun was yet another spectacular dancer who performed a very strong and powerful set to the song “Drift” by Galamatias and Alina Baraz. It was very healing. And of course Donna Mejia’s set was striking and healing. I could have watched that twice but much like some of the greatest moments in life it’ll probably never be repeated. Other awesome dancers included Draconis…just look him up. Gorgeous!

Great team! Beautiful presentation!

I could go on and on about how amazing those shows were and the really warm and inviting feeling that TribalCon had this year (and Madame Onca of whom I literally travelled through the mountains once to see because I was obsessed with her work, was hilarious)!!! I’ve been to some really outstanding shows at this conference and this was one of my top five favourite TribalCon years thus far (right in step with the year Donna Mejia’s group did the Sadats: Fnaire and that one year Jahara Phoenix portrayed Kali – we still talk about it #TheBlueYear). The live music was incredible (I love the TribalCon band) and everyone put so much effort and thought into what they presented. That shows a lot of respect not to just get up on stage and “do anything…” Each of the presenters did what they do best and we all appreciated it. I won’t forget this year. Really amazing. Mabrook and zaghareets to all involved.

Our resident archivist plans to attend several other events soon and she’ll share her thoughts and get some interviews while there. We’ll be away buying fabric from around the world. It’s tough job but someone’s gotta do it! 🙂 We love our work and we’re happy to create great clothing and dance wear for troupes to wear to events like these. Huge thanks to all those who wore on stage at the event. We appreciate you!

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Summer Costume Sensations

We’re entering summer and here’s one of our top picks for the warm weather festivals and fun. We’re headed to a ton of dance events and concerts. That means we’ll want to showcase our love for raqs sharqi in every place we go even if we’re not performing. We live the raqs couture life.

We love the Veba series for the open back and option to do more with it like wear a bandeau bra underneath, gorgeous necklace on top or go for another layer with a veil as a shawl.

This is a very sensual look and you can own it in every way. Grab one in black for an elegant and bold look out and about. Are there other cool cuts that you love? Let us know! Send in your photos to MissBellydance on Facebook and we’ll happily feature you in our social mentions!

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