New Years Eve Elegance…relaxed

imageIt’ll soon be time to turn over a new leaf and rev up your fashion for 2016. Gatherings and fun times with friends, getting cozy and warm in the winter season will last for at least another 2 months. You’ll want to feel good and look good in cute classy outfits for the dance floor and haflas at home. Our recommendations are these.

This cool jacket is a fun cover up for a sleek black comfortable pair of pants and top. You can add jewelry and other accessories to further liven up the green. This outfit is made of a comfortable stretch fabric that will allow you to move easily. It has a relaxed fit and includes a fashionable hood featuring the design as well.

imageWear it well this season with these fun seasonal colours and cool additions. This outfit can be purchased for under $150 and you can use couponcode END2015 to save an additional 15% at checkout. Are you ready to wear it? Send us pictures of you in your threads and we’ll feature you on our Facebook page and social accounts. We love to celebrate our friends in dance and fashion!

Happy Holidays!
Team MBD

Celebrating Superfans & Dancers

Photography by Jack Govaerts

Recently, as noted on our wall, Caravan of Dancers took place in Miami Florida under the direction of Fusion Gitana. We were so impressed with their work and we truly adore our extended fan family in Miami. Have you seen their shows and performances? Be sure to follow them on Instagram (@FusionGitana). Really beautiful, diverse and inclusive material that highlights several gorgeous cultures.

One of the dancers in their most recent extravagnza of all things fantastic wore Melih Du Chant and wow, did she wear it well! Check her out in these lovely photos by Jack Govaearts Photography. She looks beautiful. We want to thank Fusion Gitana and all those who wore at the event and shared their photos online with friends, fans and family.
We are so thrilled to have these wonderful friends and to watch their stellar spirits on the stage.

image.jpgThis is one of the many highlights about raqs sharqi, Flamenco and other dances that are celebrated in communities the world over. There are few things more beautiful than a growing dance family and love through art. Please continue to support your local dance communities and reach out to others around the globe.

Happy Hip Shimmies and Hugs
-Team MBD

Haute Couture for the Holidays Part II


More parties are on the schedule and it’s time to pick out something to wear. We’re thinking holiday brunches deserve a little blue. We’ve got just the thing or for you. A cute wrap top and a skirt with blue statement necklace. It’s the perfect ensemble for a cool day out, keeping you in style and looking stellar.

This is one of several casual outfits we keep in stock. The print is paisley and the blue border gives it another dimension. When complimented by your favourite piece of jewelry it sets the outfit off, making spectacular and elegant. We’ve featured this in person at fashion shows and gala events, so far so nice! Everyone loves it when they get it in their hands.

imageTry these two different tops with the skirt. Let us know how it looks on you. When you buy it, send us a photo, we’ll send several of you a cool gift in our next drawing!

Raqs On!

-Team MBD

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