Aziza’s Got Performance Skills!


Aziza NawalJoin Aziza Nawal today at Atlanta Fusion Bellydance during Bellydance Fashion Week as she demystifies becoming a professional Belly Dancer and teaches performance skills. This workshop will discuss musicality, how do engage with a variety of audiences (on stage, restaurant setting, outdoors, etc…), costuming, stage presence and more!

Aziza Nawal has been involved in Oriental Dance (belly dance) for over 15 years. In addition to regular and guest appearances in restaurants and stage shows throughout the U.S., Aziza Nawal was the winner of the Middle Eastern Dance in North America competition in 2002, placed Third at the 2005 Double Crown Competition and finished 3rd Runner-up at the Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition in 2006. She has appeared on WGCL’s “Good Morning Atlanta”, Fox Television’s “30 Seconds to Fame” and recently featured on “Yildiz Yagmuru”, a live variety show filmed in Istanbul, Turkey. Aziza Nawal has always continued to enrich her dance education by pursuing many styles and has proven her diversity by becoming member of Awalim Tribal Dance Company in 2009.

As an instructor, Aziza Nawal has taught ongoing group classes and specialty workshops in the Southeastern United States since 1998. She was a featured instructor and performer at the Annual Mabruk Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has also taught workshops in Seattle, Washington, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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Spring and Summer Deals of the Week

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As we head on into the breezy days of spring and hot summer nights, dancers will travel to festivals and big events around the globe. These costumes we are offering will be light and comfortable cuts and designs that are easy to roll up into your suitcase and take on the road. We’ll have fashion bags and other carry alls soon that will let the world know you’re a serious dancer and keep your fashion stash on board. We’re excited about the fun summer festivals. Tweet us, post a photo and let us know where you’re going in your ensembles, accessories and costumes.


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Meet Mehmet & Aya at Shimmies & Shiraz


Aya1Ever desired to run off to Turkey and sit with locals to learn the intricate side of raqs sharqi and culture? Well, you don’t have to go very far. has roots in Turkiye/Turkey and during Bellydance Fashion Week 2016 you’ll get the chance to study and learn a few fashion tips from locals. Both Aya of Istanbul and Mehmet will be around on Friday to go over how to accessorize your costume featuring the latest trends in dance both here and in Turkiye.

You’ll get to hear first hand what is trending and what is new plus how to feature it on your own outfits. Bring your favourite costume, hipscarf or accessory as well as any embellishments you want. You can also buy some on site at where the workshop will be held. It’s a perfect chance to be absolutely creative while learning about the culture and trends in the country as well as what’s going on outside in the raqs world.

Join us next week at 7pm! RSVP here:

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