Meet Us At DragonCon!

Press Release – For Immediate Release
1pm EST – Atlanta Georgia will be at DragonCon 2014 this year! We’re thrilled to meet up with fans and friends in person. We’ve spoken to many of you online and on the phone. This is an exciting and convenient time to grab your favourite MissBellydance costumes and accessories in person! We’ll have our most popular items in the upstairs showroom of the America’s Mart – section 444 & 445.

imageNew Dance Fashions
We have a lot of new styles, new costumes, modern dance wear and lifestyle fashions from which to choose. Buy your favourite costumes right away or you can try on items, get measured and have them custom made to your frame right there at our booth. You’ll also have a wide range of fan veils, bracelets and jewelry from which to pick.

It’s Your Choice
Do you have a favourite item, a costume you’ve had your eye on and you really want to buy it? Email us via FB and send us your personal email plus the name of the costume so we can arrange a fitting for you there at the con. Like certain rings and necklaces? Let us know, we’ll bring them to this show!

DragonCon offers everything from anime to traditional media and beyond.
DragonCon offers everything from anime to traditional media and beyond.
We’re more than excited to see everyone again and can’t wait to share our costumes with you at great prices! Get your membership and come on over! Need a place to show off your fashion? Get over to the DragonCon Silk Road show on Saturday afternoon – 4pm – for a showcase of Eastern and Modern Silk Road dancing. This is an annual show directed by Kira Lang, teacher, choreographer, performer and friend to the Atlanta Bellydance Community. It’s a can’t miss event!

Let your raqs wardrobe reflect your personality.
Let your raqs wardrobe reflect your personality.
If you’ve never heard of DragonCon you’re missing out, learn more here!

Get the Full Fan Experience at Essence of Bellydance 2014

imageIt is with great pleasure that we announce an exciting opportunity for superfanatics of Raqs Sharqi and bellydance. For the past 8 months we’ve been promoting and sharing the awesomeness that is Essence of Bellydance. This team has continuously put together a grand showcase of Raqs art. Through past partnerships and vending we’ve been able to be involved. We want everyone to take advantage of the amazing learning opportunities through their exquisite events. All of their programming, bellydance extravaganzas, iconic raqs sharqi fashion shows and more are well worth the travel and time spent. The team behind Essence of Bellydance is one of a kind with international instructors, global thought leaders and big time enthusiasts who have dedicated themselves to the art.

Three things we want everyone in our fan circle to see are as follows.

The Workshops
In just a few weeks Essence of Bellydance will present in conjunction with Bellydance Evolution, a series of amazing learning opportunities for a variety of styles and levels. You can see each of those here:

The Show
On Saturday the 13th of September, Bellydance Evolution will steal your heart with Alice in Wonderland, you will see Bellydance in a whole new way…it’s innovative yet classic and beautifully done. This is one of those can’t miss shows and you’ll be sorry if you did. Make plans to be there both nights!

Join the teams for the Friday fashion show and Gala Event! Buy Tickets here:

Get your Saturday Alice in Wonderland by Bellydance Evolution tickets right here:

The Fan Experience
There’s nothing more amazing than returning home from a great weekend of excitement and unbelievable bellydance classes. Fan Flock has partnered with Essence of Bellydance to bring you a full fan experience. For just $5 you get entered into a raffle to win some great prizes from this event. Don’t delay, get your raffle ticket today. You can buy as many as you want to increase your chances of winning a really cool fan souvenir plus the opportunity to be featured in our blog about your love for the art. Click here to buy raffle tickets to the fan experience.

We’re beyond excited about the work that Essence is doing. It’s a wonderful resource and service not just to the southeast but to the world as a whole. Come one, come all and join in one of the biggest Bellydance Events of the year!

The Raqs Wardrobe

imageA Raqs Wardrobe
As one progresses in their raqs career, having a raqs wardrobe with all of the essentials is necessary to sustain growth. In addition to your tahtib & assayah, zills and hipscarves you need certain full costume sets to keep your look fresh.

The Practice Wear/Teaching Gear
When you’re going to conferences to learn or teach, you want to have a great foundation. Because students rely on looking at the way your body moves, it’s best to have something that is form fitting so they can see the legs, muscles and full range of movements that make up the dance. We suggest a two piece ensemble or for some, a full leotard, whichever is most comfortable. It can be stylish and doesn’t necessarily have to be plain or the traditional black. Please don’t be afraid to add some colour to your closet. Raqs is colourful and lively and your persona as well as your clothes will benefit from carrying a vibrant theme.

Let your raqs wardrobe reflect your personality.
Let your raqs wardrobe reflect your personality.

The Stage and Theatre Costume
This is going to be one of your bigger investments. You’ll want to invest in 3 great ensembles. One should be a beladi dress for audiences that do not wish to see their dancer in a bedluh, layered costume for ethnic dances and a bedluh for competitions and professional bellydance programs. There are so many varieties, pick your favourite colour or that which fits the theme of your usual events. These are also the easiest to resell so be sure to take good care of it. Spot cleaning and professional costume cleaners will be your best friend. Most professional cleaning for a costume starts at $25 to $30 and is worth it.

Hafla Wear
There may be times when you are invited to weddings and family events and a costume isn’t needed at all…just some good fun dance clothes that allow you to shimmy with your friends. We suggest you get some fun dance pants, a really cool top and an amazing hipscarf that is memorable and fun. At some parties, especially traditional ones, women play the instruments for each other while several get in the center and dance. At mixed parties Debke and other line dances are plenty. You can be comfortable and look great at the same time. Ethnic jewelry and earrings are great additions for times like these.

Your Raqs wardrobe is a reflection of your love for the art. Make it truly special and let us know what Team MBD can do to help you fill your closet with the outfits of your dreams.

Thanks for reading!

What am I going to wear?

imageWhen going to raqs conferences and bellydance weekend retreats, it’s very very daunting to pack just the right items because often times we really do not know what to expect. After 10 years of travelling we still find that we aren’t always as prepared as we thought we were. Learn from our mistakes and let us suggest what’s best to take on the road to raqs!

Performers: If you’re performing at one of the shows may we suggest to bring your costume in a carry-on bag. This is to prevent it from getting lost or being delayed. Too many times we’ve heard dancers arriving the day of the show and not having their costume because it’s delayed for whatever reason. This costs you time and money. Save yourself and your wallet by carrying it with you on the plane in an opague garment bag or small roll on case.

Attendees: This is a great time to get creative with your bellydance classwear. If you’ve been wearing an old t-shirt and sweatpants, invest in something fun like colourful yoga pants and a comfortable, supportive but stylish top. Bring a cool dance bag to put your things in so it won’t get mixed up in the fray of bags thrown on the floor in the back of the room. Also bring two hipscarves, one with coins for Egyptian shimmy sha’abi in all it’s glory or one for the modern taqsims with fringe so that you don’t disturb the softer mood of the room. You don’t want to shick and shack when you’re doing a sultry figure 8 to the ney.image

…and don’t forget the show!
Most shows and galas are big affairs with everyone in dressier ensembles. For men we suggest a nice shirt, maybe a tie and pressed slacks. Leave jeans and streetwear for another time. This is a time to celebrate your favourite artist by being that well dressed fan. MissBellydance is thinking of you too…we’ve got an outfit or two …but you’ll have to wait, it’s a surprise coming soon.

We hope we’ve helped you with your raqs conference packing. Got some tips on how to pack for the road to raqs? Send us some pictures or reply to our blog. You can always post to us on Facebook. Can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading!
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