Dancing with Diana – #BDFW2016

Diana1If you’ve never seen Diana dance  you haven’t lived. Charm, grace, talent and more for days. It’s really an impressive moment in our dance on a global scale. Her students often embody that same spirit and seeing them together is a joy. Therefore we’re bringing Diana to Bellydance Fashion Week for one of her spectacular Flamenco instructional workshops.

This course will focus on combining the strength and power of Flamenco with its sister dance Raqs Sharqi and Middle Eastern Dance as a whole. It will include footwork, Rroma stylings and emphasize handwork that compliment the dance. It’s going to be a truly special occasion that you don’t want to miss.
Course is $25 per person and takes place on Wednesday the 20th of April at Atlanta Fusion Bellydance, the studio within MissBellydance.com’s facility. Feel free to tell your friends and neighbours who are interested in this art. It is guaranteed to feel inclusive and empowering. Sign up for this class and or the full week of events using this link.

BDFW 2016: Designers That Dance & Are Devoted

Another great thing about Bellydance Fashion Week will be our featured designers, Eshta and MissBellyDance.com are actually people who are ensconced with their dance community and customers. Both designers attend events, go to shows and are a part of the dance world. When you buy from them, you can guarantee that they are not doing cookie cutter designs and working based on one body type. They are going the extra mile to provide something you’ll love and can be proud to wear.

Eshta Amar creates stunning, beautiful costumes that do not compare to anything else in the industry. Look closely at her work and see the fabric, intricate details of the skirt and the uniqueness in her work. No other designer is doing what she does. She creates costumes for a variety of dancers, her work is featured on many top talent and loved raissat all around. Her Etsy store is also a testament to her talent. Another awesome attribute is that she isn’t terribly expensive. Imagine, someone working diligently on a costume just for you and you didn’t pay $2,000 for it. That’s a bonus! Check out her work here and engage with her online. We’re excited to have her with us in a few weeks.

Eshta creates bespoke, unique creations for dancers.


MissBellydance.com is looking out for every student and teacher in the world. You want some colourful dance pants, hipscarves and custom made professional wear for troupes? You can come to the team and they’ll get to working on it right away. The CEO, staff and volunteers work really hard to create something that is affordable and looks and feels good to wear. They specialize in plus size and petite. There is also custom sizing available and ultra fast shipping for those last minute needs. With MissBellydance.com you get quick service and people ready to cheer you on as a sponsor and fan of your raqs team.


Meet Eshta and members from MissBellydance’s team this coming month at Bellydance Fashion Week. Join us for the panel discussion which will feature dancers, MBD and others. On the weekend, Eshta will be in town for classes and costume discussion. This will be the meeting of the minds! Register here!

See you soon!

Team MBD

AFBD: History of Hosting Cultural Events

AFBDWhat is so special about events sponsored by Atlanta Fusion Bellydance and MissBellydance.com? There is a real commitment to fun! These events provide an opportunity to go beyond the norm in our industry. This is more than watching people dance, this is your chance to get up and be a part of the energy through cultural exploration of fashion in our industry. For more than 5 years AFBD has hosted bellydance conferences and workshops that received rave reviews. People travel far and near to see unique artists in a fun and exciting setting. MissBellydance.com has been proud to sponsor and support these amazing dance conventions.

AFBD is dedicated to carefully designing schedules and workshops that appeal not to just to dancers but also cultural dance education enthusiasts, ex-pat families, professors and their students. These events open up discussion on how we view and respect ethnicity in dance, the business side of our craft as well as how to incorporate creativity. Bellydance Fashion Week will be right in line with a focus on culture and why we do the things we do. It’s a perfect opportunity to look at the political past and the creative future.

Costumes will be available to purchase during Bellydance Fashion Week

We encourage you to grab your friends and family for a week of history, a look at what’s driving current trends and get a peek at the future. We’ll not only walk down memory lane but make new ones that will last a lifetime.

Register today – Click Here

See you there!

-Team MBD

Latin Tribal Fusion Dance Class – 19 April #BDFW 2016


On Tuesday April 19th, attendees at Bellydance Fashion Week will have the opportunity to study with Heidi in a Latin Tribal Fusion class. Latin Dance has had such an impact on the Raqs world over the years. There are so many traces of Latin art and movement in modern Middle Easter dance that sometimes it’s difficult to tell which was borrowed from the other. When you look at the migration patterns and even the shape of the continents you can see there was a clear connection and that kinship continues today.

Heidi’s class will focus on fast footwork, exciting turns and more mixed with the Tribal vocabulary found in groups like Hah’bi Ru and Bal Anat. It’s an excellent chance to work with an amazing instructor and performer who has roots in Latin culture.

On a side note, Heidi is a member of the Salsa Belles. She has courses and classes all year round. The entire group is a fantastic. Heidi brings that same energy and excitement to everything she does. Have a look at their video…

We can’t wait to learn as much as we can from Heidi and are very grateful to have such a wealth of knowledge and talent as a part of our circle of friends!

And in true MissBellydance style, we’re offering a little trivia based on this exciting week we have ahead. Reply below in the comments or if you’re seeing this on Facebook, reply. You can also tweet us the answer to be eligible to win a prize pack from MissBellydance.com. Ready? Here’s the question. Name the series of shoppes in Egypt famous among tourists and locals or having just about everything you’d want to buy. Hint: It’s often referred to as a market.

Can’t wait to see you in class and hear from you in the comments!

-Team MBD


Spring at MissBellydance.com

It’s almost Spring! Just a few more days. But we’re already eager to show off some festive styles to hipkick off the season. We’re looking at the brightest and biggest skirt and top ensembles to make your raqs show a memorable one. All of these styles are a part of new collection. A few of which will be seen at Bellydance Fashion Week this coming April.


We’re still receiving high praise on these casual costumes for audience members and stars who want to look amazing even when they’re off stage. The tops are wrap around and made of a comfortable stretch material. They fit up to 3X comfortably.


Be sure to log on and stock up on these select Spring styles and superfan couture while they last! Once out of stock, some items will be discontinued to make way for more limited edition unique fashion.


Join us in person for Bellydance Fashion Week 2016 by registering here.
Also, look for our ad at Cairo NYC featuring Mohamed Shahin and his amazing team of Raqs stars from Egypt!

Join in on Fashion Week Fun for Fans!

Excited about fashion week? Want to feature your dance school, solo photos and fun moments wearing MissBellydance.com? Feel free to submit your pictures. Post and tag us in a snapshot on our Facebook page, share one with us on Pinterest, tweet it to us at @missbellydance or reply here on our blog. We want everyone near and far to take part in the event. While we hope you’ll join us in person, if you can’t you can still submit a photo and be a part of the excitement.

One of our top fans wearing MBD’s Melih du Chant: Photography by Jack Govaerts   (Bellydance Caravan Miami Fl)

Bellydance Fashion week is aimed at the fans and designers who service our industry with their creative and custom made creations. Dancers around the world have that “favourite” costume and we want to talk about why they are so important in your life. So in addition to submitting pictures, send us an essay about why bellydance costumes are important to you. Winners will be selected by MissBellydance.com’s staff and will be sent prize packs for your contributions.


There are so many ways to be a part of this amazing week including a costume designing  contest (details to come). We are going to celebrate the hard work and people behind the scenes of this great industry and all its outstanding shows. We can’t wait to hear from you and see your photos!

Thanks for reading! Click here to register for the Bellydance Fashion Week 2016

-Team MBD


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