Elaborate and Elegant – Costumes for You!

Oh there’s nothing that compares to getting a new costume at the start of the year. You plan all of the places you’re going to wear it. You want to look elaborate, not gaudy, elegant without the kitchen sink of accessories. There’s a method and a know-how to getting dressed for a successful show or raqs presentation. This week we’re looking at the elaborate costume and how to jazz it up without going overboard. We also want to hear from you!

Our Tempi set is a fine example of elegant raqswear that has plenty of embellishments. You’ll want to wear a set of bangles with this and a lovely veil. Much more would be a bit over the top but hey…sometimes over the top raqs! What do you want to see accompanying this ensemble? Let us know.


Coastal Jewel references the edgier styles we see on both coasts. From hard core rocking raissat in Los Angeles and Seattle, to bold city bound dancers killin’ it in the cafes of New York and Miami. We’re pairing this with our silver sets. This one being one of our favourites. But is that what you would do? Let us know. Tell us, how would you pair your accessories for this elegant and elaborate raqswear?



All entries can be sent in via several ways. Post this blog entry on our Facebook page or tweet it to us on Twitter. You can also reply in the space below. All who participate will be entered to win a set of silver jewelry from MissBellydance.com and we can’t wait to see what you pair with these costumes.

Elaborate your elegance!
-Team MBD

Beat the Winter Breeze!

It’s that time of year when you’re transitioning into some of the coldest days on the calendar. How to dress for your best bellydance class and not freeze? We’ve got the answer. MissBellydance thobes are the key to beating the winter breeze. Get these in a variety of colours and designs.



Protect your skin, your costume and your sanity as you truck from the car ┬áto the studio fighting the chill rising from the frozen, snowy ground. This is a great way to stay warm, salute the art of our craft and feel good. These thobes, jackets and cover-ups come in a variety of styles and colours. Browse here to see them all. Email us, send us a note on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest if you have any questions. We’re here to help. Stay warm, have fun!


-Team MBD

Visit MissBellydance.com & See Suhaila Salimpour This Week


This week we’re excited about Suhaila Salimpour’s return to the studio hosted by Atlanta Fusion Bellydance. AFBD manages our 2,000 sq ft space adjacent to our large bellydance warehouse. AFBD are not just friends, but our family and we work together to promote top talent around the world in our raqs and bellydance industry. This year the calendar is already filled with many amazing shows and dance learning opportunities. We invite you to reach out and put Atlanta Fusion Bellydance events on your calendar.┬áThis week while you shop, sign up for one of the many classes Suhaila Salimpour is teaching. We love it when she’s in town!

Faaridah Raqs, friend, family and model at MissBellydance.com – leader of Atlanta Fusion Bellydance

MissBellydance.com is right up front awaiting to welcome you with open arms as you enter the amazing studio space that AFBD have transformed into a raqs wonderland. Here are some things to expect this year.

February 2017
February 4 Sassy Jazz Fusion Belly Dance with Babette & Leyla Soleil @ AFBD
February 25 Flamenco Arabe Workshops sponsored by Diane Adams featuring Najmah Nour @ AFBD. Register now!

March 2017
March 11 BollyX Instructor training @ AFBD
March 19 Atlanta’s Got Talent hosted by Faaridah of AFBD & Jenny of World Belly Dance Alliance. Performer registration opens January 5

April 2017
April 28-30 Michelle Sorensen worksh ops @ AFBD. We’re excited to host this fusion belly dance star! One of our faves! Registration opens January 16 !!
April 30 AFBD Spring Showcase featurin g Michelle Sorensen

June 2017
June 10-11 AFBD’s 8th Anniversary Weekend. Join us for our biggest celebration to date, featuring a huge stage production with world-renowned guest artists! Stay tuned for more!

Thanks for reading! See you this week!
-Team MBD

Lovely Lace & New Looks


We’re welcoming the new year with some great new looks. It’s exciting to slip into lace ensembles, short or long. Be a part of the fashionable scene at coming shows and galas. Dress up and get into the raqs fashion and dance like you’ve never danced before. Check out the latest in our skirts section and let us know what you think. We’re thrilled with the new things and we hope you will be as well.


Can’t wait to hear from you! We have so much to share!

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