Masquerades Today

The modern masquerades of today feature a variety of outstanding costumes that are actually quite lovely given that some items of the modern day have little to no style at all. So much of what we see in modern day is either a bad spin-off of something amazing from yesteryear or very plain and animated in a less than flattering pattern. Events like DragonCon feature balls where people take exquisite care for their costumes and masks.

We’re right in this realm with our newest collection of face wear as mentioned a few weeks ago here on Our goal is to support the intricate and heavily decorated items that you find at elegant masquerades. We’re taking this to a new level with refined and pristine pieces that will not only turn heads but make you the belle and beau of the ball.

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Swirl Your Skirts

One of the most memorable things about a bellydancer is her skirt. Some may think it’s the bra top but the skirt accentuates the hips and that’s where the action happens. The swirl, the turns, the ornaments and other elements illuminate the garment making it a focal point for just about any raissa on the raqs stage. It’s essential to make sure that skirt is the most eye catching element of your entire wardrobe as a performer.

We’re particularly proud of one of our skirts. It’s the pedal skirt we’re highlighted in our flashsale. It has the eye catching embellishments and layers that make it an obvious garment fit for bellydance. We really love it. You will too!

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Dance Hoodies

Our dance hoodie was inspired by one of our members with ties to the Maghreb. She loves the culture and has relatives from West Africa and is first generation herself. When looking for a cover-up to compliment our new designs she suggested going for the traditional yet modern style chebba wear. This birthed the Chebba Thobe or Chebba Hoodie.

It’s comfortable, long and covers the ankles so you can conceal just about anything or any costume. This one is rather sheer yet the fabric is so well put together it keeps you warm in the winter and still allows you to breathe in the summer. This is certainly one of our favorites and quite the head turner at international dance shows and events.

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