We have many men and women in our dance communities who served in the military or are/were in military families. Their history is quite eye opening and touching. We are happy they shared their story with us.

For some, memorial is every day as they live without a loved one. Others are missing someone stationed miles away. There are few things more painful than longing for the ones you adore. We get support from our dance communities and keep things as pleasant as possible. Of course, our differences and thoughts on the matter will vary but there are people who are simply cheering and existing for peace…and losing their lives over it. May all who work hard to achieve a better day and life for all be remembered this day. Take time to be compassionate and loving all year round.

To those who honour and recognise it, please have a safe Memorial Day. We are giving 12% off all orders of $75 this week w/code “memorial2017.” Use it to enjoy music, dance costumes and more in our effort to keep joy and happiness flowing for all.

Summer Dance Classes

There are a lot of summer dance classes being hosted around the world right now. As May wraps up Festival Season, in comes Summer Conference Season where you can pick from a variety of countries to visit and get your Raqs Sharqi fix as fast and furious as you want it. We’re looking at local options which include Jazzy Fusion Bellydance with Leila Soleil at our sister studio Atlanta Fusion Bellydance. Later this summer there’s the Attack of the Bellydancers show and, of course, Essence of Bellydance which is one of the largest dance conferences in the southeast!

In Florida, New York, San Francisco, Houston and other major cities, festivals and events continue to grow. You know this! Try to go to at least one and be sure you are well prepared and stocked up on dancewear, modern dance leotards for comfort, hipscarves for bellydance class and even leg warmers and jackets that you can wear for those extra cool hotel conference ballrooms!

It’s gonna be a blast! Get your tickets and take lots of pictures! We want to see you! Submit a photo to our Facebook page or tag us! We’ll be sure to enter you to win one of our cool summer dance dazzling gift bags filled with all kinds of cool things!

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Team MBD

Tough Week for Music

Remembering the Prince celebration at our studio after a hard week in music…

When your favorite musician or dancer leaves this life it can be a devastating feeling. The deep meaning of their music in your life can lead you to down a path of despair. We lost several musicians both Eastern and Western (namely Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave) this week and our lives were flipped upside down.

During this time of pain and recovery, it’s important to be there for each other and work hard to be supportive. We welcome all dancers the opportunity to leave their thoughts for discussion or memories of those we lost this week on our walls. We are here with open arms to all and wish you healing during this very tough time.

Team MBD


Check Your Show Calendar

Several shows coming up in our town as well as others. There are so many it can be hard to keep up. Despite the numerous calendars, subscriptions and social media reminders, shows just creep up on you and before long you miss one!

When we miss out we not only short ourselves from a night or weekend of joy, we also touch the pockets of the art community. Let’s all do our best not only to check our email but also log the items into our phones and set reminders a few days or hours in advance. One thing we have these days is the phone. Program it wisely by making dance and art a priority.

Most phones of late allow you to sync your calendar with your email so that any device connected to it allows you to have the access to the reminders you need.

Share your favourite ways to stay on top of your show game. What do you use to remind yourself it’s showtime?! 🙂

Answer below in the comments and get entered to win not one but two hipscarves and an earring set from! Winners announced July 1st!

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Summer Skirts for Dancers

One of the most popular dance essentials in our art is the skirt. Summer months can make it a little bit of a task finding ones that really work well in the Northern Hemisphere. Seems like the humidity in this part of the world just doesn’t work well with layers. We’ve thought about this many times and have an entire line of skirts that work well for the season.


One of our favorites is Paisley Rays which allows dancers to layer it over other skirts without the added heaviness of a regular 25 yard. This one has a long trail that can be worn asymmetric and looks really stylish with the matching choli top and our black lace skirt.


Try a number of our summer skirts here and let us know how they work for you!


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Houston Oriental Dance Festival is Friday!

Houston Oriental Dance Festival is one of the most outstanding events in the nation. Bringing in top talent from around the globe, this event is never fails to please! The festival begins this Friday and you don’t want to miss it. Be sure to get there early for the shows and be ready for an unforgettable experience! Many thanks to Simon Sarkis and his team for being such great hosts year after year!

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Many thanks to all those wearing to the event! We appreciate your support!



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