Happy New Year!

We’re absolutely excited about 2019! We’re partnering with a number of dance shows and festivals to bring you the first glimpse of our couture and bellydance costuming line. For us these items are more than just costumes, these are our clothes. These items help make us who we are and help us showcase the hard work and skill that goes into the art of Raqs Sharqi.

Huge thanks to all who helped us out over the year including Essence of Bellydance, Caravan of Dancers, Simon Markysmoonlight and many others who have gone out of their way to showcase our couture and clothing to dancers around the globe and or been super supportive like Lebanese Simon Sako.

If you’re having an event and you’re looking to partner with vendors and more let s know. Send us a message ATTN: AskMissBellydance Partnership and we’ll get in touch! Happy New Year!

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