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imageThis month and next it’s all about holiday parties and gathering with friends for spectacular shows and events. We’re already sharing some of the unique cultural holiday festivites scheduled in our community including Yalda, Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve/Day. You also want to look amazing during the evening club scenes and we’ve got several outfits that’ll work for you as raqs lifestyle wear.

Throw a Coat Over It!
If you’re like us, we’ll throw a coat over anything and take it off to reveal something fun and cute…putting some thought into our garments. Most places will be warming the atmosphere so have no fear wearing a skirt or shorter sleeved top to an event. You’ll be happy you did when you start dancing. Our suggestions for this week include clubbing it up in this cute wrap top and skirt. It’s oh so cute.

This ensemble comes in this gorgeous black and white winter print. You can also mix and match to fit your preference. Add a statement necklace or rhinestone jewelry to the set for added bling. This also makes a cool gift for the party goer in your life. Retails at a low price and can be custom made if you give us a call.



Let us know what holiday parties you’re attending this year and where you’re dancing. We’d love to feature it. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep Shimmying!
Team MBD

Holiday Haute Couture for Raqs Sharqi & Bellydance

We’re officially in the archway of festival season. That means we’re in the most celebrated time of year on the planet. It’s the lead up to New Year’s Day. We’ve got Yalda and other spiritual holidays to look forward to celebrating. That means dances, shows and events from now until the end of the year and beyond. Are you ready? We are!

Our festive suggestions are bedluhs and amazing veils for this season. It’s a little warmer than usual on the earth this time. Enjoy these glitzy, glammed out styles with bright shining accessories that twinkle like stars under the stage lights. Be memorable in strong colours, sweeping fabrics and prints.

This season’s top 5 are here. Take your pick.
Holiday Holly Pink
Full on Fringe
Beladi Best
Lebnaniya Lustre

Which one did you get? Let us know, send us you order confirmation via FB and we’ll get you a cute bracelet or earrings to match. Limited to one per email. Don’t forget to take a picture when it arrives so we can feature you and your event in our blog. We love to tell the world what our friends and fans are up to!

Happy Dancing!
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Marhaba Atlanta Festival 14 & 15 November 2015

Lulu Sabongi & Chudney Raks  in Atlanta next weekend!!!
Lulu Sabongi & Chudney Raks in Atlanta next weekend!!!

Next weekend’s sisters at AFBD will house Georgia Raqs’ Marhaba Atlanta Festival directed by Maiea and Kalinka Bellydance Productions. This event will feature the outstanding talent of Brazillian Superstar Lulu Sabongi and Chudney Raks.

This is an outstanding chance to study with these amazing raissat. With Lulu Sabongi, attendees will learn Travelling Steps, Technique and Combos for the Advanced Dancer plus a choreography. With Chudney Raks, you get “Confident Combos” plus an extra course called Geometry, Turns and Level Changes on Sunday from 2pm-4pm.

Lulu Sabongi

The event begins on Saturday morning at 10am. It’s can’t miss opportunity as many of these legends are very busy and no one can predict when they’ll be able to return to the Atlanta area. So don’t miss your chance. Click here to register.

Chudney Raks

All attendees will receive a 10% discount from to use toward your purchase of any of our online items. You’ll receive the code from the hosts on the day of the event. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Happy Dancing,
Team MBD

save 10% on your future order at when attending this event.
save 10% on your future order at when attending this event.

New Costumes for November

image Happy Harvest everyone! It’s that time of year when we gather together to be with friends, do fun things, dance and enjoy the spirit of friendship. That also means holiday shows…and lots of them. This year we have a variety of bright colourful spinning skirts and tops to match the mood of the season.

Our new prints are bold and colourful. We’ve gone beyond the traditional deep reds to more vibrant hues, golden tones, slate greys and even yellow. Each skirt has a matching top with either elastic on the bodice edges so that it stretches to fit comfortably or adjustable ties. The waistline in the skirt is also elastic.

image Be sure to grab these quickly before they’re all gone. Makes great troupe wear and knowing how creative our friends and fans are, you’ll find a way to make it something you could wear everyday. We want to see that. Place your orders by clicking here and here. We’ll get these out to you as fast as we can.

Thanks for reading!
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