Holiday Haute Couture for Raqs Sharqi & Bellydance

We’re officially in the archway of festival season. That means we’re in the most celebrated time of year on the planet. It’s the lead up to New Year’s Day. We’ve got Yalda and other spiritual holidays to look forward to celebrating. That means dances, shows and events from now until the end of the year and beyond. Are you ready? We are!

Our festive suggestions are bedluhs and amazing veils for this season. It’s a little warmer than usual on the earth this time. Enjoy these glitzy, glammed out styles with bright shining accessories that twinkle like stars under the stage lights. Be memorable in strong colours, sweeping fabrics and prints.

This season’s top 5 are here. Take your pick.
Holiday Holly Pink
Full on Fringe
Beladi Best
Lebnaniya Lustre

Which one did you get? Let us know, send us you order confirmation via FB and we’ll get you a cute bracelet or earrings to match. Limited to one per email. Don’t forget to take a picture when it arrives so we can feature you and your event in our blog. We love to tell the world what our friends and fans are up to!

Happy Dancing!
Team MBD

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