New Costumes for November

image Happy Harvest everyone! It’s that time of year when we gather together to be with friends, do fun things, dance and enjoy the spirit of friendship. That also means holiday shows…and lots of them. This year we have a variety of bright colourful spinning skirts and tops to match the mood of the season.

Our new prints are bold and colourful. We’ve gone beyond the traditional deep reds to more vibrant hues, golden tones, slate greys and even yellow. Each skirt has a matching top with either elastic on the bodice edges so that it stretches to fit comfortably or adjustable ties. The waistline in the skirt is also elastic.

image Be sure to grab these quickly before they’re all gone. Makes great troupe wear and knowing how creative our friends and fans are, you’ll find a way to make it something you could wear everyday. We want to see that. Place your orders by clicking here and here. We’ll get these out to you as fast as we can.

Thanks for reading!
Team MBD

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