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Autumn is officially upon us! That means really gorgeous costumes and accessories for upcoming gala shows and more. We’re stocked and ready to deliver. Just have a look! You can find all of these in our skirts section.


Tell us your favourite costume and why. Post it to our Facebook page and get entered to win a new accessories set from our online shop. We look forward to hearing from you!

-Team MBD

Raqswear for the Real World


Glamour is important when you’re going out on stage. But you also want to look good when you’re in class and out and about with your friends. We’ve discussed the wonderful world of bellydance workout wear and practice outfits in the past but did you know these can be worn as outfits too?

Pair these pieces with your favourite long knit jacket for the fall. Do it up with a little jewelry and cool items from your dance treasure. Let the whole world know you’re into raqs with the right kind of wear.


MissBellydance has these in lots of different styles and colours and colourways. They’re just the right price for festival season and dance class. But the fabric is limited and won’t last forever. Get these while you can and let us know what you think.


Dancing, Dining and Diversity

Soraiah Saied of Egypt

Top Egyptian Star Returns to the City
Last year Sorraiah Saied came into our personal lives and stole our hearts. She is by far one of the most amazing instructors we’ve ever encountered and we are overjoyed at her return to Essence of Bellydance 2016. We hope she continues to be a featured star and sister to this outstanding Raqs Conference. Get the schedule here

Classes are comfortable and the crowds are friendly…

We hear so many stars, fans and conference attendees rave about Essence and how they can’t wait to return. We agree. It is one of the top notch stops on the dance calendar that we prepare long in advance to attend. The hotel is incredible with modern condo style luxury suites at phenomenal prices. It’s situated in the heart of a very happening and upbeat city that is diverse and easy to navigate thanks to local transit and car services. Most restaurants close around 2am-3am and really famous southern spots stay open all night with 24/7 menus like The Diner franchise located at pulsepoints around the city and deep into the suburbs. Atlanta is one of the best places to host an event and it is home to our favourite annual dance events.

One of Soraiah’s top pics – Photos by Studio Jaki

Atlanta is also home to our main HQ, For over 13 years we’ve been raqin’ out with fellow Atlantans and keeping our prices low because we make a lot of our costumes ourselves. Come say hi to members of our team at Essence of Bellydance. We’d love to meet you in person. We’ll be doing trivia and other fun things online that weekend. Those who are present will be able to pick up prize packs and discounts on their favourite costumes. So much to look forward to this September. We can’t wait to spend it with Sorraiah Saied, Team Essence and YOU!

Keep it Raqin’
-Team MBD

Flamenco Arabe Workshop – Save the Date!


In February we’ll be celebrating the Art of Flamenco with some really great dancers. Flamenco is what we and others consider a sister dance to Raqs Sharqi. You can learn more about the workshop using this link. We’ll let them educate you on the amazing footwork, hands, music and history while we focus on the fashion.

In recent years many dancers have fused Flamenco with their art. Full 25yard skirts are often used in that fusion and we’re giving away two skirts (one for the winner and one of their friends) plus two free spots in the actual workshop. It’s a great chance to be a part of this interactive learning opportunity. All you have to do is tell us why you want to learn about Flamenco or what it means to you. Winners will be picked at random and in true MBD style we’ll be giving away other gifts as entries come in. Send them via our FB page. Just post them to our wall.


We can’t wait to hear from you and to give away these great skirts. If you’re eager to get a skirt now you can grab one for your own raqs treasure chest. There’s also some great jewelry. Just take your pick here. If you register for the workshop and end up being one of the winners you will be refunded. Have a great time and let us know how  much you love Raqs Sharqi and the art of Flamenco dance.

Event: Attack of the Bellydancers


This weekend Attack of the Bellydancers is on and hip droppin’ just outside the city of Atlanta. There will be many dancers from the East Coast featuring Egyptian, Turkish, Fusion, Tribal and Folkloric styles of raqs sharqi.  The Atlanta Bellydance community’s favourite emcee Sig Sawyer will be there as will 14 dancers and teams. VIP options are available. If you need a costume or something cute to wear use code: abd2016 at checkout with and get as much as you need. Get your ticket!!

Location: The Art Place
Address: 3330 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, Georgia 30066
Time: Saturday 7pm
We’ll see you there in the audience!
-Team MBD

Summer Sensations at

Summer is the season of Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance) conferences. It’s the perfect time to hit the beach between shows and workshops in bright colours and pretty prints. Below are some of our summer sensation picks.

Some of our fans said they wear these ensembles out and about for everyday wear. This one is one of the more popular ones. It comes in seafoam green, pink grapefruit and white sands.

CS371-2T (2)

Lovely lace ensembles are soaring in popularity and these are actual 25yrd skirts that you can enjoy as you stroll on the beach. Note that you can also wear a neat top underneath that you can switch out with a solid colour swim suit or wear as is.


If you’re looking to do Yoga on the beach, consider investing in some flexible one and two piece suits that work well for morning workouts.


And of course, when you’re ready to hit the town you can doll it up in this cute ruffle black and white skirt . Loved for the stretchy waist and that it can be paired with a cute black top. Currently on clearance for $19.99


If you and your friends are out and about in MBD, snap a selfie! Send it in and we’ll enter you in to win one of many big prizes from You could also win a gift basket of products from HairLaVie!

Happy Summer!
-Team MBD

Keeping Cool in the Coming Summer

Expo wear
Expo wear

We predict it will get really hot this summer. But that doesns’t mean you have to just tough it out in heavy costumes and layers that make every performance or dance outing require an airconditioner. People love to sit outside and enjoy the sun, good friends, good food and entertainment. That means you might get asked to share a bit of raqs sharqi at an outdoor venue. If you’re a tribal style dancer or love the looks of fusion raqs this can present a problem. But have no fear, we’ve got a solution in our sheer raqs sharqi ensembles.

Several of our sets come in gorgeous prints that are thin enough to layer atop a solid skirt. Our Expo Kiss set has an adjustable top made of comfortable sheer fabric, a matching skirt and comes with a cute coined hipbelt. This is best worn with a black underskirt or maybe harem pants (we’ve not tried that combo) and a comfortable thin bra top. The skirt is elastic in the waist.

imageTry one of these to put your troupe at ease when asked to go out and do your best in the blazing heat of the coming season. Don’t forget to send us a photo so we can feature you and your event in our blog and social media. Happy dancing!

-Team MBD

New Arrivals for Fall at MBD!

After a month of travelling to various dance communities and spending a wonderful 5 days at Essence of Bellydance IV with Bellydance Evolution, we are ready to roll into the Fall Festival Season. This year is proud to present new items in Pera Prints. We’ve been to various parts of the globe and our home country to bring you a taste of our culture and fashion experience.

imageThis fall we’ll share several new outfit and styles that fit everyone from petite to plus and all with a modern aesthetic. Our first two outfit are the Pera Paisley. This deep blue matches nicely with the print. It is flexible and stretchy with a wrap middle, allowing you the extra comfort you need. It is also very stylish with nice edges and a great fit. image

imageThis also comes with a ruffled capped sleeve and each piece can be purchased separately. The skirt twirls and swirls beautifully. We recommend it for the fall and spring. These and many other cool styles will be featured each week for the next few months. Pair these items with your favourite jewelry. Buy a Mazaag CD to take to a party and make a nice evening of music and fashionable merriment. Send us a picture when you do! We’ll also be highlighting some of the great costumes shares of the summer season, thanks to all who submitted pictures these past two seasons.

Pre-order your outfits today! Check out all of our new arrivals and watch this space!

Thanks for reading!
Team MBD

The Raqs Wardrobe

imageA Raqs Wardrobe
As one progresses in their raqs career, having a raqs wardrobe with all of the essentials is necessary to sustain growth. In addition to your tahtib & assayah, zills and hipscarves you need certain full costume sets to keep your look fresh.

The Practice Wear/Teaching Gear
When you’re going to conferences to learn or teach, you want to have a great foundation. Because students rely on looking at the way your body moves, it’s best to have something that is form fitting so they can see the legs, muscles and full range of movements that make up the dance. We suggest a two piece ensemble or for some, a full leotard, whichever is most comfortable. It can be stylish and doesn’t necessarily have to be plain or the traditional black. Please don’t be afraid to add some colour to your closet. Raqs is colourful and lively and your persona as well as your clothes will benefit from carrying a vibrant theme.

Let your raqs wardrobe reflect your personality.
Let your raqs wardrobe reflect your personality.

The Stage and Theatre Costume
This is going to be one of your bigger investments. You’ll want to invest in 3 great ensembles. One should be a beladi dress for audiences that do not wish to see their dancer in a bedluh, layered costume for ethnic dances and a bedluh for competitions and professional bellydance programs. There are so many varieties, pick your favourite colour or that which fits the theme of your usual events. These are also the easiest to resell so be sure to take good care of it. Spot cleaning and professional costume cleaners will be your best friend. Most professional cleaning for a costume starts at $25 to $30 and is worth it.

Hafla Wear
There may be times when you are invited to weddings and family events and a costume isn’t needed at all…just some good fun dance clothes that allow you to shimmy with your friends. We suggest you get some fun dance pants, a really cool top and an amazing hipscarf that is memorable and fun. At some parties, especially traditional ones, women play the instruments for each other while several get in the center and dance. At mixed parties Debke and other line dances are plenty. You can be comfortable and look great at the same time. Ethnic jewelry and earrings are great additions for times like these.

Your Raqs wardrobe is a reflection of your love for the art. Make it truly special and let us know what Team MBD can do to help you fill your closet with the outfits of your dreams.

Thanks for reading!

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