Future Fun – Bellydance Shows 2017

We’re happy to begin announcing some cool things to look forward to enjoying in 2017. After quite a rocky year in the raqs and rock world, we’re certainly planning to attend not only tribute events but seasonal and exciting ones featuring top names in our industry and those that we touch. We’ll be dressed to the nine’s in MBD fashions and zaghareeting from the first three rows til we pass out!


Check out what’s coming up (more to come):
Suhaila Salimpour in Atlanta  Р14 Jan
Flamenco Arabe – 25 Feb
Bellydance Fashion Weekend TBD March 2017
NYC Cairo Р20 to 23rd  April
Houston Oriental Dance – 5 to 7 May
Jendayi School of Bellydance Production Summer 2017
Essence of Bellydance 14 to 17 September
…and let us not forget The Luxor Show featuring the Raqs Awards in 2018.

There is no time like now to plan the biggest and brightest events! Let us know if you need any assistance with registration or costuming for events. We’re here to help!

Essence of Bellydance 2016 – captured by the amazing Studio Jaki!

Music Lesson with a Legend: Dr. George Sawa

Our resident raissa shares a great music resource with everyone today. It’s a music lesson from well respected Dr. George Sawa!

From Dr. Sawa's FB page, join him online via his site for great  cultural information.
From Dr. Sawa’s FB page, join him online via his site for great cultural information.
I met Dr. George Sawa at the International Bellydance Conference of Canada in 2008. I was immediately enraptured by his wonderful knowledge…particularly that of music. Thrilled that he was offering some online mini-courses and resources, I felt it crucial to share.

The first one covers sagats or zills (finger cymbals) which we trust you all know are used by dancers but also by musicians. For years, playing sagats for a dancer was a notable place in a band. However, over time, many dancers began playing them while they danced. Either is fine, there is no right or wrong but there is an art to playing them. See Dr. Sawa’s video

Another in the series is on playing the Qanun. This is a vital instrument in the world of Middle Eastern dance and is often accompanied by a list of other great items that together can make an orchestra. I saw Dr. Sawa play this LIVE on one of the many outstanding performance nights at the IBCC festival (which is sadly no longer running but there are many other great things happening at Arabesque/with Yazmina Ramzy). Enjoy this instructional, it’s very helpful for those who are interested in taqsims.

For more great music and authentic resources, visit http://www.georgedimitrisawa.com

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