Adoring Donna Mejia

Donna Mejia, capturing hearts and praise at Tribalcon XI
Donna Mejia, capturing hearts and praise at Tribalcon XI

Adoration for Donna Mejia, a well-loved scholar in the arts. Explore some of her work through the heart of our Resident Archivist…

Teacher, Scholar, Designer, Amazing Mother…I can go on and on… adding to that spiritual leader perhaps for those in the raqs world who are moved emotionally by her contributions and praise her work continuously …and rightly so. Over the past few years I’ve gone on and on about how awesome she is. I can barely find the words because she leaves me absolutely speechless.

Donna Mejia is someone you just HAVE to meet. She has several courses coming up and wonderful videos. Follow her on her Youtube. She also has a great website. Lady Mejia also sews and if you saw her elegant ensemble at TribalCon you’ll want to follow her sewing blog.

I could go on and on about Donna Mejia for days. And I have. Past blog posts, recently cataloged on the AABCE page feature a few of my OMG – Donna Mejia moments. Others also talk about how amazing her seminars are in addition to the presentations she has put on at Smith College. In addition to her amazing stage work, I am a huge fan of her lectures.

Why lectures? Because each one…
-Provides a firm foundation for all levels of Mideast dance and enthusiasm in the raqs world
-Raises questions and help each individual think through their personal decisions in this art
-Helps dancers see the bigger picture and how their actions and roles play in the ribbon of history
-Gives a voice to the unheard, showcases and shines a light on the roots of the art
-Fills a void, provide checks and balances for areas of Raqs Sharqi that others just don’t “think” about.
-Makes “Raqs Sharqi” make sense and cents: helps many understand in what they are investing and provides the industry with a better method of presenting the art as valuable and worthy in arenas where it is often ignored.

But don’t just take my word for it, go see for yourself!

Here is a list of upcoming appearances:

ColoradoAmerican College Dance Conference Northwest Regional Conference

NYC: 11 Reflections on September (by Andrea Assaf), @ La MaMa Theatre

Orlando: Bellydance Masters

Washington D.C.: Sahara Dance Studio

We are grateful for this great share by our archivist. Donna Mejia is a wonderful supporter and educator. We appreciate her work as well! We know many of our fans are her fans as well and love to take pictures of themselves in her presence. So, send us your selfies with Donna Mejia! Post them to our Facebook page. Share with us what you love most about one of her recent lectures and where you plan to see her next. Let’s continue to share and promote her great work with everyone around us!

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TribalCon is this week! We’re Excited!

TribalCon is this week!!!
TribalCon is this week!!!

TribalCon is a truly cool event and we hope you’re registered to go so we can see you there! This year we’re excited that Donna Mejia is returning and will be giving one of her amazing lectures! There’s a lot to do at this conference so be sure get a good look at the schedule and soak up some amazing knowledge from the tracks they offer.

We’ll be there with some cool stuff as well. Prize giveaways, Trivia and Live Tweets are all a part of our TribalCon experience. We love to share the amazing moments of this event with  you. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out. Make TribalCon a MUST SEE on your raqs events list every year!
For more information on TribalCon, registration and more click on the highlights.
See you there!!
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