Glittery Goodness of the Season


Adorn yourself in blissful bling. has a sea of glittery goodness to make you stand out this holiday season. From rhinestone necklaces to statement pieces, there’s a lot for you and your friends to get a little fancy for the holiday haflas and soirees.


Try something big and bold that really stands out against a basic black dress. Or maybe a colourful option that sparkles and shines? You can also go for a series of sparkling things on your wrists and arms.
Look beautiful and feel great with these beautiful accessory sets this season. Don’t forget to send us a photo and show us where you’re celebrating this year.
-Team MBD

Flamenco Arabe Workshop – Save the Date!


In February we’ll be celebrating the Art of Flamenco with some really great dancers. Flamenco is what we and others consider a sister dance to Raqs Sharqi. You can learn more about the workshop using this link. We’ll let them educate you on the amazing footwork, hands, music and history while we focus on the fashion.

In recent years many dancers have fused Flamenco with their art. Full 25yard skirts are often used in that fusion and we’re giving away two skirts (one for the winner and one of their friends) plus two free spots in the actual workshop. It’s a great chance to be a part of this interactive learning opportunity. All you have to do is tell us why you want to learn about Flamenco or what it means to you. Winners will be picked at random and in true MBD style we’ll be giving away other gifts as entries come in. Send them via our FB page. Just post them to our wall.


We can’t wait to hear from you and to give away these great skirts. If you’re eager to get a skirt now you can grab one for your own raqs treasure chest. There’s also some great jewelry. Just take your pick here. If you register for the workshop and end up being one of the winners you will be refunded. Have a great time and let us know how  much you love Raqs Sharqi and the art of Flamenco dance.

Custom Costumes for your Raqs Wardrobe

imageFeeling good about dance class this morning? Ready for your first show? We advise you to check out our wide range of professional costumes for intermediate and professional dancers. We custom make our costumes to fit each person based on their submitted measurements.

We costume several troupes, productions and studios events year round and would love to create something for you. Costumes on our site are offered in a variety of colours. Use the drop down arrow to click on the one you want. We’ll coordinate the costume to your heart’s desire.

imageHave you purchased a costume from in the last year? Send us a photo and the next place you plan to wear it. We’d love to highlight your raqs journey.

Happy Dancing!
Team MBD

Cool Deals of the Day and Ways to Win

Fun frilly items featured on our Facebook page
Fun frilly items featured on our Facebook page
Great costumes don’t have to break your bank. Investing in something fun and frilly should be enjoyable to wear as well as exciting to buy. It’s tough to go to the counter or online check out and find that your price exceeds your excitement. So, we’ve got a cool set of styles that are modern and fun.

This is one which we’ve featured before and its now at a discount for a few days. This and many others are deals of the day on our Facebook pages so be sure to subscribe to our updates so you can receive notifications on the great deals going on now through the end of the month.

Have fun with us online and check out deals of the day
Have fun with us online and check out deals of the day

We’re still doing great contests and giveaways as well. Look back through our blog for ways you can win big! We can’t wait to send out these great prize packs!

Thanks for reading!
Team MBD

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