Stay Creative in Bellydance!

image Our resident archivist and raissa attended a really interesting and beyond creative show called Fractured Fairy Tales hosted by Jendayi Bellydance Company. The photo scenery, videos and write up detail show that you can certainly incorporate Bellydance into your passion for theatre.

We at MBD work hard to find creative solutions to theatre pieces. It’s not always easy. Cultural art for the theatrical stage can be hard to coordinate without the right accessories, attire and music. It takes a good deal of research and the desire to present it in the best light.

Costuming for such an occasion is something we’ve thought about often. We put together this ensemble for those who wish to portray royale roles. This costume can be for a princess, a royal maiden and more. It can be dressed down with few accessories or over the top with lots of headpieces, bracelets and anklets.

What types of theatrical raqs pieces are on your dance schedule for this year? Let us know or give us a call if you’re looking to outfit your theatrical company in something that represents the region. Showcasing Raqs art is important to us as well. Send us your show updates, flyers and more, we’ll happily share them on our social pages.

Best wishes with your upcoming productions!

Happy Dancing!
Team MBD

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