MissBellydance.com Supports ShimmyMob 2019

We are pleased to announce that ShimmyMob will be one of our partnerships in 2019. We’ll be meeting with their team and discussing how we can help bring awareness to all that the group stands for. Gathering together with friends and dancing around for a great cause is one of our specialties. We’ve been involved in a number of community activities that bring to the forefront a variety of issues that not just our dancers have experienced but also those of their famiily and friends.

MissBellydance.com will commit to assisting with prizes, giveaways and so much more as we lead up to the ShimmyMob events this year. We will participate in two and both are hosted and run by Valencia and Saniyah, two dynamic dancers that have supported Atlanta’s International Community and those all around the United States. In addition, they help raise funds and awareness to numerous groups in need. We are so happy to join them in this effort. Please continue to check our blog and social media for more updates.

Let’s give our heart and support to great causes all year long!

Dance romper with pockets and print? Yes, please! We’ve got the set for you! You wanted more dance inspired lifestyle wear and we are delivering it to you in unique patterns and lovely sizes that fit more than three people. Enjoy this romper that can be worn in a variety of ways. This cute dance inspired print has pantaloons that double as a romper when you expand the top and wear it as a halter.


A second outfit includes the top which pairs well with the pantaloons in their unexpanded stage. This ensemble looks great with accessories and can be worn to dance shows, conferences and gala events where you want to turn heads in a cultural festival fashion. We love this and so have all those who’ve seen it during our trunk shows and studio programs. Be one of the first and only to have it…cause guess what… there are only 8 of these. You’ve got a short period of time to grab this and then it’s gone forever in this print.

Here it is…order today!

Summer Shows Continue!

Photos by Studio Jaki

It’s time for the Summer Show Photos! Send us a photo you attending a festival or show this summer while wearing a costume or dance attire from MissBellydance.com! You’ll be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to our online store. We’ve been to quite a few shows this season and they’ve all been quite exciting. From dance classes, to lectures and a night of fantastic debuts for new troupes; we loved them all!

Post your photos from the events on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter or Instagram @missbellydance! We’re giving out discount codes and putting your name in the drawing. If you’re submitting a troupe picture, the person who submits the photo will be given the gift card if they win, but all of the troupe will be allowed to use the coupon code.
Can’t wait to see your photos!

-Team MBD

Advice for New Troupes & Dance Teams

MissBellydance.com would like to say Mabrook to all troupes that had their debut at Attack of the Bellydancers 2017. Our archivist sent us photos and information about the show that left us very excited about the new dance teams in Atlanta. Just some advice from inside the sewing halls of our store as we want to see you continue and thrive in Atlanta! We’re here to support you!

Sabia, Maiea and Hasna dancing together! 🙂 We love this!

1. Don’t give up. It’s easy to start something and then let it fall because you got busy

2. Set goals for the group. Aim to perform at x conference or something by x date

3. Be friends first. Do not take yourselves too seriously…encourage each other and call each other out when you see one falling. Be pillars for each other in the most kind and supportive way

4. Stay creative! Don’t get to comfortable in any stage of our work, always think of what you can do differently but with respect to the cultures you represent in every way

5. Remember your roots and the roots of the art/dance – needs no explanation


Congratulations and let us know what we can do to assist. Reach out to us here on our blog or on social media to get coupon codes for dance. All those who attended the show may remember that we are giving you a 20% discount on orders of $50 or more now until the first day of Fall. We can’t wait to see what else you bring to life for our beloved international town, community and raqs world! We’re also happy to hear that  money for SEEDs Atlanta was raised! The Atlanta Culture Club will be making a donation as well this year! Very happy to be involved in that! More info and praise coming from our way!

Thanks for reading
-Team MBD

The Fabulous Forums of the Raqs World

IBCC 2008

Right now, all across the social sphere are chats and conversations about raqs sharqi, global dances from the region and music conversations. We want to say thank you for continuing the conversations because they are truly important. Getting to the root of a dance and learning the whys and hows of the region is essential for growth. We believe that no matter what your level in this art, lectures and forums are a key component to being a good dancer and a great fan.
In 2007, 2008 and onward, we had several dancers, enthusiasts and instructors from our dance community in Atlanta join an amazing group of people from around the world in Toronto, Canada. Our resident archivist was there and still marvels at the amazing information and experience of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada. Here her words about the good ole days!

It was a great conference and just about everyone I had ever loved in the dance world was there minus some of the legends from the 50s. Nath Keo, Tito Seif, Mark Balahadia, Shira of Shira.net, the group formerly known as Arabesque and a million others it seemed were there. People I had only had the opportunity to read about online or see when a relative from back home was raving over “this guy named Tito is amazing!” were there…it was a dream come true. I fell head over heels for this conference. My favourite parts w, aside from the incredible shows, were the lectures. We talked about everything from men in dance to the stigma of being ibn raissa… I mean, the presenters held nothing back. I’m happy that these conversations continue. If you ignore it, your presentations suffer. You have to be a part of the talks to really understand what you’re presenting. A class is the first step but take that conversation to the next level at a forum. Dance education is key! -Andinha

Houston Oriental and Folklore Dance Festival is another great conference to attend that features great shows and competitions!
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What forums do you attend? What classes do you take to get more than technique? We’d love to hear from you! And if you’re headed to shows this summer or have been to plenty, reach out to us here on our blog or send us an email on our Facebook page so we can give you a coupon code to save on your next purchase with MissBellydance.com

Thanks for reading!

-Team MBD

Lovely Lace & New Looks


We’re welcoming the new year with some great new looks. It’s exciting to slip into lace ensembles, short or long. Be a part of the fashionable scene at coming shows and galas. Dress up and get into the raqs fashion and dance like you’ve never danced before. Check out the latest in our skirts section and let us know what you think. We’re thrilled with the new things and we hope you will be as well.


Can’t wait to hear from you! We have so much to share!

Future Fun – Bellydance Shows 2017

We’re happy to begin announcing some cool things to look forward to enjoying in 2017. After quite a rocky year in the raqs and rock world, we’re certainly planning to attend not only tribute events but seasonal and exciting ones featuring top names in our industry and those that we touch. We’ll be dressed to the nine’s in MBD fashions and zaghareeting from the first three rows til we pass out!


Check out what’s coming up (more to come):
Suhaila Salimpour in Atlanta  – 14 Jan
Flamenco Arabe – 25 Feb
Bellydance Fashion Weekend TBD March 2017
NYC Cairo – 20 to 23rd  April
Houston Oriental Dance – 5 to 7 May
Jendayi School of Bellydance Production Summer 2017
Essence of Bellydance 14 to 17 September
…and let us not forget The Luxor Show featuring the Raqs Awards in 2018.

There is no time like now to plan the biggest and brightest events! Let us know if you need any assistance with registration or costuming for events. We’re here to help!

Essence of Bellydance 2016 – captured by the amazing Studio Jaki!

Perfect Pants for Practical Dancers

cs309-6tSo you’re not the one who wears their favourite skirt to class. You don’t jazz up your outfits with swirling ruffles. You’re the practical dancer who just wants a comfy pair of pants. For you, class isn’t the time for a party, it’s a time to practice. We hear you…we get it. Can’t dress up all the time…but you still want to look and feel good.


It also doesn’t mean you have to look plain. We’ve got the best pairs of practical pants and comfortable classwear you find and you can still afford to go out afterwards with your dancemates for some tea.


All of these and more are available here. If you don’t see your size, we’ll custom make something for you to your liking based on the availability of the fabric and get you, the practical dancer on your feet feeling fine. Be sure to hang out with us on social for updates, specials and discounts…see you there with pants on!

Contact us directly if you have any questions.

-Team MBD

Latin Tribal Fusion Dance Class – 19 April #BDFW 2016


On Tuesday April 19th, attendees at Bellydance Fashion Week will have the opportunity to study with Heidi in a Latin Tribal Fusion class. Latin Dance has had such an impact on the Raqs world over the years. There are so many traces of Latin art and movement in modern Middle Easter dance that sometimes it’s difficult to tell which was borrowed from the other. When you look at the migration patterns and even the shape of the continents you can see there was a clear connection and that kinship continues today.

Heidi’s class will focus on fast footwork, exciting turns and more mixed with the Tribal vocabulary found in groups like Hah’bi Ru and Bal Anat. It’s an excellent chance to work with an amazing instructor and performer who has roots in Latin culture.

On a side note, Heidi is a member of the Salsa Belles. She has courses and classes all year round. The entire group is a fantastic. Heidi brings that same energy and excitement to everything she does. Have a look at their video…

We can’t wait to learn as much as we can from Heidi and are very grateful to have such a wealth of knowledge and talent as a part of our circle of friends!

And in true MissBellydance style, we’re offering a little trivia based on this exciting week we have ahead. Reply below in the comments or if you’re seeing this on Facebook, reply. You can also tweet us the answer to be eligible to win a prize pack from MissBellydance.com. Ready? Here’s the question. Name the series of shoppes in Egypt famous among tourists and locals or having just about everything you’d want to buy. Hint: It’s often referred to as a market.

Can’t wait to see you in class and hear from you in the comments!

-Team MBD


Stay Creative in Bellydance!

image Our resident archivist and raissa attended a really interesting and beyond creative show called Fractured Fairy Tales hosted by Jendayi Bellydance Company. The photo scenery, videos and write up detail show that you can certainly incorporate Bellydance into your passion for theatre.

We at MBD work hard to find creative solutions to theatre pieces. It’s not always easy. Cultural art for the theatrical stage can be hard to coordinate without the right accessories, attire and music. It takes a good deal of research and the desire to present it in the best light.

Costuming for such an occasion is something we’ve thought about often. We put together this ensemble for those who wish to portray royale roles. This costume can be for a princess, a royal maiden and more. It can be dressed down with few accessories or over the top with lots of headpieces, bracelets and anklets.

What types of theatrical raqs pieces are on your dance schedule for this year? Let us know or give us a call if you’re looking to outfit your theatrical company in something that represents the region. Showcasing Raqs art is important to us as well. Send us your show updates, flyers and more, we’ll happily share them on our social pages.

Best wishes with your upcoming productions!

Happy Dancing!
Team MBD

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