Building Your Bellydance Wardrobe

We’re talking about building a dance wardrobe this weekend. We’re taking time to look through our collection of clothing and that of friends to make sure we have the most vibrant of colours and styles to start the new year. No matter what your aesthetic, primary colours should be in your treasure chest. For tribal dancers, dark colours and jewel tones in the same base of the primary colours should be present. Extend that to green, tangerine, peacock blue and deep reds. For those often on the festival circuit, 25 yard skirts are key!

Creating a wardrobe can be very easy when you base it on the colours. Making sure the cuts and patterns are flattering to your frame, find discounts online such as those we offer weekly at You can stock up on tons of items and accessories to make your ensembles pop and look really bright with eye catching colours stage. A great set of costumes simply enhance what you bring to your audience. It doesn’t stop there. Couple your skill with the cutest costumes and cool trending raqs and dancewear in class.


To assist you with building an amazing raqs wardrobe in the new year, MissBellydance is offering 25% off $80 or more. Browse the site and grab what you need. Use code hipdrop16 and see the savings! Send us photos of your MBD haul and we’ll happily feature you in our blog and social pages. We look forward to seeing the selfie hauls posted to our Facebook page and tagged on Twitter and Instagram. Can’t wait to hear from you! @missbellydance 🙂 Tell us when you follow us or if you have been for some time. We’ll enter you in our end of the year drawing for accessories from MBD! 🙂

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Autumn Fashion Haul from

Autumn is officially upon us! That means really gorgeous costumes and accessories for upcoming gala shows and more. We’re stocked and ready to deliver. Just have a look! You can find all of these in our skirts section.


Tell us your favourite costume and why. Post it to our Facebook page and get entered to win a new accessories set from our online shop. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Stay Cute in Raqswear from MissBellydance



Say Aiewaaa to more glam in your raqswear and raqs wardrobe. Enjoy these great styles as you go back to dance class this fall. From cool elastic waist based harem pants featuring cool frills to sleek pieces that accentuate your curves, these look great on so many body types. We got lots of great feedback this past summer and continue to see these are a favourite.

You can mix and match these with the black top of your choice or buy the whole set. You can wear it for class or go out for lunch between sessions in these stylish sets. Get one for you and a friend so you both can twin. It’s a lot fun. We see so much love and care in the dance world, we’re happy to be a part of it through fashion. Enjoy these fun and frilly dance class sets and let us know what you think.


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Raqswear for the Real World


Glamour is important when you’re going out on stage. But you also want to look good when you’re in class and out and about with your friends. We’ve discussed the wonderful world of bellydance workout wear and practice outfits in the past but did you know these can be worn as outfits too?

Pair these pieces with your favourite long knit jacket for the fall. Do it up with a little jewelry and cool items from your dance treasure. Let the whole world know you’re into raqs with the right kind of wear.


MissBellydance has these in lots of different styles and colours and colourways. They’re just the right price for festival season and dance class. But the fabric is limited and won’t last forever. Get these while you can and let us know what you think.


Spring and Summer Deals of the Week

Stick around all this week and next for Deal of the Week. Get an extra 10% off cool, colourful and creative costumes. You’ll use code DealWeek2016 and choose from 3 costumes that week in the sale. It’ll be awesome, you can even get one for a friend.

As we head on into the breezy days of spring and hot summer nights, dancers will travel to festivals and big events around the globe. These costumes we are offering will be light and comfortable cuts and designs that are easy to roll up into your suitcase and take on the road. We’ll have fashion bags and other carry alls soon that will let the world know you’re a serious dancer and keep your fashion stash on board. We’re excited about the fun summer festivals. Tweet us, post a photo and let us know where you’re going in your ensembles, accessories and costumes.


Check out this week’s deals.

Adaasania comes in several colours.


Crystal Casbah is a timeless classic in raqs art.


Get Cozy, Get Comfy in Crushed Velvet

$39.99 at
$39.99 at
As we sat looking at photos from recent shows and fun dance events from the summer, a chilly breeze blew through the room. It’s cold…or at least getting there. That means, time to get snuggly in something comfy and cute. We suggest, our newest velvet ensembles; colourful harem pants and top sets for class.

These comfortable, stretchy tops and pants are great for staying warm and looking cool while practicing your technique and routines in raqs class. Try these in a variety of colours. They tie in the front or in the back. You can even jazz them up with silver or gold coin jewelry. They make great gifts for friends looking to join you on a relaxed day. Get cozy and comfy in these colourful dance clothes.

Team MBD


Be Fantastic and Fashionable at Fall Festivals

image Classes have started and our new website is adorning great deals all this week to those in need of stocking their studios. We’re getting ready for shows, conferences and an entire semester so to speak of Raqs Sharqi. Of late, we finished off a great summer with Andrus Ramir. The Raqs Weekend was a hit for Atlanta fans. Ebony Quails was in Atlanta with Atlanta Fusion Bellydance and the calendar continues to fill up with even more events in the city’s interntional communuity. There are live music shows and so much more on the way. We’re excited to say the least and want to help you look great for these upcoming raqs dates.

If you’re performing, making a guest appearance or there as a supportive fan, let us know. We’ll get you draped in the cutest of clothes. We’ve got dancewear, fanwear and jewelry that is perfect for more than just the stage. If you’re on our Facebook page you’ve seen the numerous discounts and opportunities to save on your raqs wardrobe. They’ll continue all this week. Be sure to like our page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the cool deals.

image And we want to hear from you! Let us know what raqs fun you’re getting into this fall. Are you coming to Essence of Bellydance? Will you be hosting a show or student recital? Are you taking classes at your University? Let us know about any of these and we’ll enter you to win the September prize pack at to be announced during #EOB2016. We can’t wait to hear from you! Raqs on!

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Bold Colourful Looks for the Stage

imageLooking for something cool, breezy and beautiful for your troupes? Try Raja Raqs! It’s a gorgeous bra and bolero top with skirt and veil. It’s a popular classic cut that is often worn to celebrate regional raqs and bellydance. Got an earthy song with great rythm or something that is soul stirring and evokes a powerful scene? Consider this bold, bright ensemble to compliment your troupe’s work.

You can buy this in three different colours, blue, black and red. Each one is designed exactly the same, no worries on getting one with one design and the other with another. The waist is elastic and the bolero has a secure velvet fastener. It’s a really great option for troupes looking for a lively ensemble to compliment the look and feel of a strong dance set.

Even more helpful will be our 25% discount code “summer2015” on all orders of $75 or more. Get in on that deal now. It ends very soon. Send us photos of you and your troupe in this great ensemble and let us know where you wore it or plan to wear it. We’d love to highlight your events with our network of friends and dance family

Keep on Dancing!
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Colourful Crystal Casbah Costume

imageWith just barely 60 days left of Spring we want to enjoy these great colours while they are in the prime of their season. Our Crystal Casbah set is one of the brightest batik’s we’ve ever encountered. The fabric is cotton and comfortable. It spins and moves beautifully whether you are on stage or just wearing it to feel festive at events.

This ensemble has bell sleeves, elastic in all the right places, making it comfortable and non-constricting for all members of your troupe and dance circle of friends. It comes with a matching beautiful hipscarf featuring the fun fringes (find similar ones here if you like the fringe styles). We also have a variety of earrings and necklaces to match.

If you’re interested in this order yours today from Take a photo of you and your troupe in it and we’ll feature you all and your next event on all of our social media pages. We love sharing great photos of our fans and friends. Keep in touch! image

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Cool Deals of the Day and Ways to Win

Fun frilly items featured on our Facebook page
Fun frilly items featured on our Facebook page
Great costumes don’t have to break your bank. Investing in something fun and frilly should be enjoyable to wear as well as exciting to buy. It’s tough to go to the counter or online check out and find that your price exceeds your excitement. So, we’ve got a cool set of styles that are modern and fun.

This is one which we’ve featured before and its now at a discount for a few days. This and many others are deals of the day on our Facebook pages so be sure to subscribe to our updates so you can receive notifications on the great deals going on now through the end of the month.

Have fun with us online and check out deals of the day
Have fun with us online and check out deals of the day

We’re still doing great contests and giveaways as well. Look back through our blog for ways you can win big! We can’t wait to send out these great prize packs!

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