Bold Colourful Looks for the Stage

imageLooking for something cool, breezy and beautiful for your troupes? Try Raja Raqs! It’s a gorgeous bra and bolero top with skirt and veil. It’s a popular classic cut that is often worn to celebrate regional raqs and bellydance. Got an earthy song with great rythm or something that is soul stirring and evokes a powerful scene? Consider this bold, bright ensemble to compliment your troupe’s work.

You can buy this in three different colours, blue, black and red. Each one is designed exactly the same, no worries on getting one with one design and the other with another. The waist is elastic and the bolero has a secure velvet fastener. It’s a really great option for troupes looking for a lively ensemble to compliment the look and feel of a strong dance set.

Even more helpful will be our 25% discount code “summer2015” on all orders of $75 or more. Get in on that deal now. It ends very soon. Send us photos of you and your troupe in this great ensemble and let us know where you wore it or plan to wear it. We’d love to highlight your events with our network of friends and dance family

Keep on Dancing!
Team MBD

Essence of Bellydance 2015 News – The Cool Perks of Competition

We’ve been discussing competitions and opportunities to showcase the cultural art that you’ve learned. We are thrilled that so many appreciate it enough to invest in it by going to classes, perfecting the craft and absorbing cultural aspects. Essence of Bellydance, as mentioned before, is working hard to make sure your hard work will have a prominent stage on which to show your passion for Raqs Sharqi. Their Essence of Bellydance Competition takes place this coming September in Atlanta Georgia. All details are listed on their website as well as instructions on registering. To better understand the environment and staging for EOB2015, have a look at past event videos we’ve included.

Why Compete/Should You Compete?
This is a chance to not just show your appreciation for the art but also to network and get feedback from those working in the Raqs industry globally. There are two competitions, one titled “Oriental Competition” and the other “Fusion Competition.” Judges include Luna of Cairo, Soraia Zaied, Petite Jamilla and other notable names. There will also be an audience choice winner ¬†who will earn a trophy as well. The prizes range from gift bags and tiaras to $1000 in cold hard cash – not a check…but actual cash. will also be giving away quite a few grand prize packs for several winners. It’s certainly going to be worth one’s while to showcase their love and talent for the dance.

Extra Info
Be sure to read the competition page carefully and understand that there will be preliminaries for the soloists. Troupes will be officially registered once all participating competition performers in their group have paid in full. So keep that in mind and make sure your fellow raissat know that so you don’t miss out. This is a great opportunity to meet the stars, gain new fans and interact on the conference circuit which is one of the best ways to be successful and continue in the art stateside. We want you to feel encouraged and excited about it so reach out to Team Essence or even us here at with your questions.

We’re very excited to be a part of the Essence of Bellydance celebration of Raqs Sharqi and we look forward to seeing you there!

Annual attendees, remember how much fun we had in 2013 & 2014? You’re gonna have fits of joy at 2015!

Team MBD

Keeping Cool in the Coming Summer

Expo wear
Expo wear

We predict it will get really hot this summer. But that doesns’t mean you have to just tough it out in heavy costumes and layers that make every performance or dance outing require an airconditioner. People love to sit outside and enjoy the sun, good friends, good food and entertainment. That means you might get asked to share a bit of raqs sharqi at an outdoor venue. If you’re a tribal style dancer or love the looks of fusion raqs this can present a problem. But have no fear, we’ve got a solution in our sheer raqs sharqi ensembles.

Several of our sets come in gorgeous prints that are thin enough to layer atop a solid skirt. Our Expo Kiss set has an adjustable top made of comfortable sheer fabric, a matching skirt and comes with a cute coined hipbelt. This is best worn with a black underskirt or maybe harem pants (we’ve not tried that combo) and a comfortable thin bra top. The skirt is elastic in the waist.

imageTry one of these to put your troupe at ease when asked to go out and do your best in the blazing heat of the coming season. Don’t forget to send us a photo so we can feature you and your event in our blog and social media. Happy dancing!

-Team MBD

Colourful Crystal Casbah Costume

imageWith just barely 60 days left of Spring we want to enjoy these great colours while they are in the prime of their season. Our Crystal Casbah set is one of the brightest batik’s we’ve ever encountered. The fabric is cotton and comfortable. It spins and moves beautifully whether you are on stage or just wearing it to feel festive at events.

This ensemble has bell sleeves, elastic in all the right places, making it comfortable and non-constricting for all members of your troupe and dance circle of friends. It comes with a matching beautiful hipscarf featuring the fun fringes (find similar ones here if you like the fringe styles). We also have a variety of earrings and necklaces to match.

If you’re interested in this order yours today from Take a photo of you and your troupe in it and we’ll feature you all and your next event on all of our social media pages. We love sharing great photos of our fans and friends. Keep in touch! image

Thanks for reading!
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What’s Coming Up in 2015

more modern touches to a classic art are coming to the raqs world in 2015
more modern touches to a classic art are coming to the raqs world in 2015
There’s a lot on the Raqs Calendar not only in our area but all around the world and we are ready to celebrate each and every event on the planet! Notably, we’re excited about events with which we are partnering and that list will be out soon with pictures, links and more to exciting shows and raqs workshops for you!

When it comes to 2015 styles we certainly know our fans are interested in wearing the most fashionable outfits that reflect their love of bellydance as it is seen around the world. Our team travels to various parts of the globe to see what’s trending not only in the heart of the Middle East but also in other parts of Asia. Our trips took us to India a few years ago, China of recent and of course our home country of Turkiye/Turkey. We like to envision ourselves as a global brand that loves to promote what our fans enjoy the most.

Bellydance Evolution's "Alice" posed in a MBD costume for us. She looks great!
Bellydance Evolution’s “Alice” posed in a MBD costume for us. She looks great!
Coming up this year will be a focus on fabrics and prints. Skirts are again very popular with big bold patterns and room for movement. We’re also keeping in mind our lifestyle wear or fans who like to look and feel good as they sit in the audience for a show. So, enthusiasts, we’ve got you, too, covered!! As we gather our list of raqs couture, feel free to respond to us via our Facebook email to tell us what you want to see. Post a note or us on Instagram or Google+ as well.

It’s going to be a busy year ahead and we’re happy to have you on that journey with us! Happy Dancing and Raqs On!

-Team MBD

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