Dancing, Dining and Diversity

Soraiah Saied of Egypt

Top Egyptian Star Returns to the City
Last year Sorraiah Saied came into our personal lives and stole our hearts. She is by far one of the most amazing instructors we’ve ever encountered and we are overjoyed at her return to Essence of Bellydance 2016. We hope she continues to be a featured star and sister to this outstanding Raqs Conference. Get the schedule here

Classes are comfortable and the crowds are friendly…

We hear so many stars, fans and conference attendees rave about Essence and how they can’t wait to return. We agree. It is one of the top notch stops on the dance calendar that we prepare long in advance to attend. The hotel is incredible with modern condo style luxury suites at phenomenal prices. It’s situated in the heart of a very happening and upbeat city that is diverse and easy to navigate thanks to local transit and car services. Most restaurants close around 2am-3am and really famous southern spots stay open all night with 24/7 menus like The Diner franchise located at pulsepoints around the city and deep into the suburbs. Atlanta is one of the best places to host an event and it is home to our favourite annual dance events.

One of Soraiah’s top pics – Photos by Studio Jaki

Atlanta is also home to our main HQ, MissBellydance.com. For over 13 years we’ve been raqin’ out with fellow Atlantans and keeping our prices low because we make a lot of our costumes ourselves. Come say hi to members of our team at Essence of Bellydance. We’d love to meet you in person. We’ll be doing trivia and other fun things online that weekend. Those who are present will be able to pick up prize packs and discounts on their favourite costumes. So much to look forward to this September. We can’t wait to spend it with Sorraiah Saied, Team Essence and YOU!

Keep it Raqin’
-Team MBD

Holiday Haute Couture for Raqs Sharqi & Bellydance

We’re officially in the archway of festival season. That means we’re in the most celebrated time of year on the planet. It’s the lead up to New Year’s Day. We’ve got Yalda and other spiritual holidays to look forward to celebrating. That means dances, shows and events from now until the end of the year and beyond. Are you ready? We are!

Our festive suggestions are bedluhs and amazing veils for this season. It’s a little warmer than usual on the earth this time. Enjoy these glitzy, glammed out styles with bright shining accessories that twinkle like stars under the stage lights. Be memorable in strong colours, sweeping fabrics and prints.

This season’s top 5 are here. Take your pick.
Holiday Holly Pink
Full on Fringe
Beladi Best
Lebnaniya Lustre

Which one did you get? Let us know, send us you order confirmation via FB and we’ll get you a cute bracelet or earrings to match. Limited to one per email. Don’t forget to take a picture when it arrives so we can feature you and your event in our blog. We love to tell the world what our friends and fans are up to!

Happy Dancing!
Team MBD

Be Fantastic and Fashionable at Fall Festivals

image Classes have started and our new website is adorning great deals all this week to those in need of stocking their studios. We’re getting ready for shows, conferences and an entire semester so to speak of Raqs Sharqi. Of late, we finished off a great summer with Andrus Ramir. The Raqs Weekend was a hit for Atlanta fans. Ebony Quails was in Atlanta with Atlanta Fusion Bellydance and the calendar continues to fill up with even more events in the city’s interntional communuity. There are live music shows and so much more on the way. We’re excited to say the least and want to help you look great for these upcoming raqs dates.

If you’re performing, making a guest appearance or there as a supportive fan, let us know. We’ll get you draped in the cutest of clothes. We’ve got dancewear, fanwear and jewelry that is perfect for more than just the stage. If you’re on our Facebook page you’ve seen the numerous discounts and opportunities to save on your raqs wardrobe. They’ll continue all this week. Be sure to like our page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the cool deals.

image And we want to hear from you! Let us know what raqs fun you’re getting into this fall. Are you coming to Essence of Bellydance? Will you be hosting a show or student recital? Are you taking classes at your University? Let us know about any of these and we’ll enter you to win the September prize pack at MissBellydance.com to be announced during #EOB2016. We can’t wait to hear from you! Raqs on!

Thanks for sharing!
Team MBD

Professional Bellydance Costumes

Custom made skirts and blouses for bellydance professionals.
Custom made skirts and blouses for bellydance professionals.

A professional costume is a thing of beauty. At MissBellydance.com we custom make our professional line to fit you just the way you want it. We take a great deal of pride in constructing the costume to the colour and design of the professional’s choice.

These costumes are extremely important to a dancer’s career. When you’ve invested time and money into your raqs education you deserve to have a costume that becomes your elegant skillset. Having mastered so much in the art of Raqs Sharqi, it’s time to go forward and present your bellydance best to the world. Whether you are starting out in a restaurant or competiting in a prestigious competition, get a professional costume to match your personal style.

MissBellydance.com bedluh's are custom made to fit all dancers in a variety of sizes, it's tailor made.
MissBellydance.com bedluh’s are custom made to fit all dancers in a variety of sizes, it’s tailor made.

MissBellydance carries bedluhs, beladi dresses and other styles of bellydance bras and belts of the modern era. We also have classwear for teachers and an array of hipscarves for your students. If you’re ready to invest in your raqs presentation, click here for our large selection of bellydance professional wear and follow us on Twitter @missbellydance, Facebook and Instagram for updates and photos of new items we have in stock plus things to come.

Bellydance Professional Costumes
Bellydance Professional Costumes

We wish you the best in your raqs journey, reach out to us at anytime with questions and inquiries on the culture, the art, music and more. Our team of international citizens will be glad to help you and can in most cases help you in your language of choice via our FB page and on select days via phone.

Keep in touch!
Team MBD

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