Bellydance Fashion Basics – Beyond Beginners

Many dance studios offer a variety of dance courses including modern dance, yoga and ballet. Each dance compliments the other and is a great foundation for improving flexibility, stamina and discipline among other things. A basic leotard and unitard are essential for these classes. supplies not just bellydance wear and costumes specifically but a wide variety of dance wear that looks good and fits well.

This unitard is long sleeved and very comfortable as it is the Eurotard brand. You can use this for many dance styles and genres’ classes and even recitals where applicable. Pair this with modern dance skirts, legwarmers and other essentials for getting through your dance courses and workshops successfully.

Simple Elegance in Bellydance Fashion

Looking for something simple to start your beginners off with in the new year? Try a satin skirt with a fun flowing top with a dance belt. Allow the dancers to see the moves completely while still dressed to the nines in a fun outfit. Many dancers tell us they are in it because it’s a beautiful art form and they want to learn more about the culture behind it all while getting a chance to dance. This ensemble meets the needs of your basic and beginning students who are looking to dress in the fashion while learning.

This bellydance ensemble is also great for their first show. Some teachers have told us they want their students to have a uniformed look in their presentations. Because this skirt and top set includes solids and patterns it is memorable. With each student wearing this they will stand out with elegance and style.

If you and your troupe adorn themselves in this set, send us a photo to be entered to win a gift basket of cool jewelry and accessories from

In Love With Layers

This past week we featured an amazing costume of sheer fabric in layers. We love this look because it’s elegant and ruffled. It also allows you the cool breathing room that many dancers forget is needed even during winter months. Chances are the places you’re dancing in don’t have the air on full blast and a lot of cozy places even have the fire place blazing. Therefore wearing a little too much velvet can have you breaking a sweat a lot sooner than you might imagine. Layering sheers work well in this situation.

This amazing costume is one in a series of new looks set to debut in the coming weeks. It’s a skirt with a choli top layered over a sheer black lace skirt accompanied by eastern jewelry that you’d find in a Turkish Bazaar. Love the look? Let us know in the comments section or tag us when you share it online!

The Holiday Sale and Giveaway

We’re entering our fans in a contest to win a huge MissBellydance Prize pack when they submit photos of themselves wearing anything MissBellydance related to parties and events this season. If you’d like to be entered to win, tag #MissBellydance in your pictures and we’ll find you on Twitter, Instagram and of course Facebook! Prizes will be given away on Christmas Day! Can’t wait to see all the festive photos of you and your troupes, soloists and those just hanging out in true MissBellydance style!

Basic Ensemble



Toronto Bound

So, Yasmina Ramzy has been going to Egypt quite a bit and you can follow her amazing trip on Facebook. She is the founder of Arabesque Dance Company and we have been fans since 2008 when she brought Tito Seif and Aida Nour. Our archivist went for a very long visit to Toronto in order to attend and almost didn’t come back. She was so smitten with Yasmina there are witnesses to her crying in the airport and having to be forced to get on the plane. Yeah…that Arabesque can bring you to your knees.

So, we’re going back. We are headed to the Arabesque 30 year party at the Estonian House in Toronto. Our archivist is nervous that she might have another one of those, “I’m not coming back!” moments at the airport an we’ll perhaps have to have her report remotely. She’s quite adamant. So, we’re bringing some cool fashion photos with us to share of what we’ve been doing down here with our friends up there!


Let us know if you’re coming to the show, we’d love to meet you! Our stylist, archivist and friends will be faithfully lining up early to be present and accounted for in our traditional cultural attire!

Be Jeweled: Sitting Pretty & In Thought

We’ve always been serious about our work but of late we’ve been taking it to another level with lots of deep thoughts and not rushing into anything. It’s risky to take one’s time in the dance world because if you’re too slow, you get left behind. There is an art to it. You can’t just jump feet first and hope you figure things out along the way…it takes planning. That’s what we want to impart to our friends and fans when you’re getting ready for the upcoming year. Take your time and think hard about what you want to do now…so that when January comes you’ve got a plan and some goals.

As much as we’d love it if you just grabbed every beautiful thing you see on our site or when we’re at conferences with a table full of stuff, we feel you should start planning and thinking now about what you want to achieve with your look and dance career in 2018.


Some starters are jewelry. Be inspired by silver and jewels. These are classics that are perfect any time of year. They also make amazing presents for friends and family. Be jeweled this holiday season! Be inspired by the intricate shapes, unique regional designs and true beauty of accessories as you sit with your friends over amazing meals and gathering stories that will be told beyond your lifetime.

How to Pack for Fall Bellydance Conferences

In just two weeks we begin getting ready to jet off to another dance conference! We’re excited. But as we’ve mentioned, there’s a smart way and a wrong way to pack. Our archivist is sharing three key things in her advice on how to pack for raqs sharqi and related events.

Awesome conferences like Tribal Con and Essence of Bellydance take place in Atlanta

One thing I’ve learned is to roll the clothes gently and lay them down as if they were eggplant rayy in the suitcase. It keeps them from wrinkling for some reason. Also, because the suitcases can get really stale (especially if it’s your favourite one), lay dryer sheets on top of the clothes and in between. About five or six will do.


Most important, if you are performing or have a bag you need to check and also if you are changing flights, keep at least one important costume, outfit or article of clothing with you in a substantial carry-on bag. Recently, best friend went to Europe and his bag was gone for three days. That’s miserable. Some conferences last three days so how do you function if your costumes and gala dinner attire is a suitcase elsewhere trying to get to you? Airlines aren’t perfect and things get delayed.


Pack shoes in a thin towel and put them in a plastic bag. Lay them at the bottom of the suitcase and not on top of the clothes. This is to keep them from snagging or getting any unknown articles on your clothes.

This and more tips will be featured on our social pages in the coming months. Please leave us your favourite travel trip tips in the comments section! Safe travels and see you at the show!

-Team MBD

Summer Picks for a season filled with Raqs Sharqi



Here are some of our favourite summer raqs wear picks! Be sure to send in photos of yours  and tell us why you love that particular ensemble so much! We’ll select a winner before the season ends! They’ll get a $50 gift card to use at just in time for a new season filled with our new soiree sensations… can’t wait!


Sheer skirts!
Lace is cool, comfy and cute!

Colour combinations in black and red are sizzlin’ hot!


CS362-7T – bright colours are here! 

Visit for some of your favourite looks and costumes for summer! We offer custom sizing and specials for troupes! Contact us today via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well! We’re here to supply sensational solutions to your bellydance soirees and shows!

It’s Hot! Stay Safe at the Raqs Soiree

It is hot out and dangerously so in some cities. Yet, the show must go on. Remember the following for outdoor gigs where the heat is borderline unbearable.

It’s too darn hot! But perfect for our Sorraiah Star ensemble! 
  1. Water! You must hydrate.
  2. Wear breathable costumes such as cotton and breathable sheer garments
  3. Take breaks. A 15 min set is fine as long as it’s not followed by one more. Even if you think you can do it, just take a break and come back in 10-20.
  4. Fire Safety is key for those performing with flames for tea tray dances that feature flames. Remember you can always do the classic balancing of a tea tray minus the flames. There are options!
  5. Bring a friend. Oftentimes it’s good to have that person with you who can be a second pair of eyes on a situation. Sometimes we go to gigs and are nervous or feeling exhausted by the heat. That great friend that loves you can be there to assist and provide support in ways you’ve never imagined.
Easy cotton fabric costumes are key in the heat!

What are some ways you all are staying cool, hydrated and safe this summer? Drop us a comment below and we’ll enter you to win two hipscarves from Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

-Team MBD


We have many men and women in our dance communities who served in the military or are/were in military families. Their history is quite eye opening and touching. We are happy they shared their story with us.

For some, memorial is every day as they live without a loved one. Others are missing someone stationed miles away. There are few things more painful than longing for the ones you adore. We get support from our dance communities and keep things as pleasant as possible. Of course, our differences and thoughts on the matter will vary but there are people who are simply cheering and existing for peace…and losing their lives over it. May all who work hard to achieve a better day and life for all be remembered this day. Take time to be compassionate and loving all year round.

To those who honour and recognise it, please have a safe Memorial Day. We are giving 12% off all orders of $75 this week w/code “memorial2017.” Use it to enjoy music, dance costumes and more in our effort to keep joy and happiness flowing for all.

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