Glam Holidays

When you want holiday glam there’s no better people to shop with than Bellydancers! We, the raissat of the world, know about bling! We are the kings and queens of it to be exact! This year we suggest big bold pieces that make you stand out in a crowd. Be powerful, be loud, be big and loving! Have no fear in embracing the world around you and all your friends and fans!

Dancers believe in being inclusive and adorning their delightful families with a bit of their lives. If you’re a dancer who is giving, consider cute bracelets for your friends, dance students and family at the holiday party.

Giving the gift of glam to the dancer in your life? Go big! A bold bellydance belt is key. Also consider earrings, gorgeous accessories sets that really enhance the costume under the stage lights. You’ll want your loved one to light up the room they way they light up your life! Check out all that we have in stock! And feel free to stock up, they are at great low prices!

As a bonus, feel free to send us a photo of you or your loved one blinged out in MissBellydance accessories and costumes from now until the 31st of the year! We’re giving away a huge prize on the first of January to the two of our customers! Just drop us a photo on our Facebook page to enter!

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