Be Jeweled: Sitting Pretty & In Thought

We’ve always been serious about our work but of late we’ve been taking it to another level with lots of deep thoughts and not rushing into anything. It’s risky to take one’s time in the dance world because if you’re too slow, you get left behind. There is an art to it. You can’t just jump feet first and hope you figure things out along the way…it takes planning. That’s what we want to impart to our friends and fans when you’re getting ready for the upcoming year. Take your time and think hard about what you want to do now…so that when January comes you’ve got a plan and some goals.

As much as we’d love it if you just grabbed every beautiful thing you see on our site or when we’re at conferences with a table full of stuff, we feel you should start planning and thinking now about what you want to achieve with your look and dance career in 2018.


Some starters are jewelry. Be inspired by silver and jewels. These are classics that are perfect any time of year. They also make amazing presents for friends and family. Be jeweled this holiday season! Be inspired by the intricate shapes, unique regional designs and true beauty of accessories as you sit with your friends over amazing meals and gathering stories that will be told beyond your lifetime.

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