It’s Hot! Stay Safe at the Raqs Soiree

It is hot out and dangerously so in some cities. Yet, the show must go on. Remember the following for outdoor gigs where the heat is borderline unbearable.

It’s too darn hot! But perfect for our Sorraiah Star ensemble! 
  1. Water! You must hydrate.
  2. Wear breathable costumes such as cotton and breathable sheer garments
  3. Take breaks. A 15 min set is fine as long as it’s not followed by one more. Even if you think you can do it, just take a break and come back in 10-20.
  4. Fire Safety is key for those performing with flames for tea tray dances that feature flames. Remember you can always do the classic balancing of a tea tray minus the flames. There are options!
  5. Bring a friend. Oftentimes it’s good to have that person with you who can be a second pair of eyes on a situation. Sometimes we go to gigs and are nervous or feeling exhausted by the heat. That great friend that loves you can be there to assist and provide support in ways you’ve never imagined.
Easy cotton fabric costumes are key in the heat!

What are some ways you all are staying cool, hydrated and safe this summer? Drop us a comment below and we’ll enter you to win two hipscarves from Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

-Team MBD

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