We have many men and women in our dance communities who served in the military or are/were in military families. Their history is quite eye opening and touching. We are happy they shared their story with us.

For some, memorial is every day as they live without a loved one. Others are missing someone stationed miles away. There are few things more painful than longing for the ones you adore. We get support from our dance communities and keep things as pleasant as possible. Of course, our differences and thoughts on the matter will vary but there are people who are simply cheering and existing for peace…and losing their lives over it. May all who work hard to achieve a better day and life for all be remembered this day. Take time to be compassionate and loving all year round.

To those who honour and recognise it, please have a safe Memorial Day. We are giving 12% off all orders of $75 this week w/code “memorial2017.” Use it to enjoy music, dance costumes and more in our effort to keep joy and happiness flowing for all.

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