Check Your Show Calendar

Several shows coming up in our town as well as others. There are so many it can be hard to keep up. Despite the numerous calendars, subscriptions and social media reminders, shows just creep up on you and before long you miss one!

When we miss out we not only short ourselves from a night or weekend of joy, we also touch the pockets of the art community. Let’s all do our best not only to check our email but also log the items into our phones and set reminders a few days or hours in advance. One thing we have these days is the phone. Program it wisely by making dance and art a priority.

Most phones of late allow you to sync your calendar with your email so that any device connected to it allows you to have the access to the reminders you need.

Share your favourite ways to stay on top of your show game. What do you use to remind yourself it’s showtime?! 🙂

Answer below in the comments and get entered to win not one but two hipscarves and an earring set from! Winners announced July 1st!

Thanks for reading!
-Team MBD

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