MissBellydance’s Spring Costume Dreams

We’re finally into spring so it’s official, you can wear bright colours and other shades that are vibrant and bold. We don’t think you have to wait to wear anything but we know there’s a bit of fun waiting to showcase the sunny, bright Spring colours that we all love so much. We’re thinking pinks, greens, whites, yellow!

Here’s what we have in store and stock. Let us know which of these you’d like to see in your closet!

Along with Spring are dreams of cool shows and conferences…and there are many. From NYC Cairo to events in Atlanta, HoustonHouston and beyond, it’s hard not to find an amazing raqs/bellydance show to attend. We’re enjoying chatting with all of the producers who are hosting amazing events. Our town is known for having supportive teams that travel from coast to coast supporting dancers, shows, troupes and groups. That’s something that will not change. We love our art and helping everyone dress to impress on stage and in class.

As a part of our spring celebration we’re also offering you, our readers, a discount. You can use code ‘springraqs’ at checkout when you buy $75+ and see your costs drop by 10%. Let us know what shows you’re attending and drop us a photo of you having fun at your shows. Post it on our Facebook page and we will happily share it a few photos a week from the collection!

Can’t wait to hear from you!
-Team MBD

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