Warm Up with MissBellydance.com

Warming up before a dance class is extremely important. Especially during these cooler parts of the year. We’d like to remind you to not take chances on your health. Use legwarmers, wear longer warmer workout wear and be sure to wrap up well as you head out in your costumes. We have velvet Thobes with a dynamic print that you can wear over your bedluhs and beladi dresses. You can also wear these great modern thobes with the hood during the day when it’s slighty warmer and the sun is out.


Legwarmers are important as well. Use these in class and keep them on until you’re done. You may even want to wear them when you get back in a cold car after dancing up a sweat. Going back and forth from cold to hot can jar your system. We’re not doctors and this isn’t official medical advice but instead tips that have worked for us over the years.


Let us know how you’re doing in your classes and progress in the art. If you’re headed out to a raqs conference or a show let us know! We happily support our fans and encourage lifelong learning.

Thanks for reading!
-Team MBD

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