Dancer Portfolios – Must Haves For Raqs

Having a raqs portfolio that features your work and accomplishments is quite necessary in today’s very competitive dance market. Not only should you have knowledge of the various dances that are expected on the raqs circuit and within the various internationals communities you can potentially perform in, you also need proof. These can be accomplished through photography sessions and by saving the programs from the shows in which you participate.

Studio Jaki captures the best photos of dancers!

Digital Archive
Every dancer needs a wardrobe photo session featuring the costumes from the dances you can do. Khaleegy, Debke, Hishibeshek and Raqs Sharqi should be your basics. This includes Sha’abi. You should also note that you are skilled at bedouin style dances and the different types of sha’abi that exist including Cha’abi Maghreb as well. These photos and videos should be archived in a blog or online site where those who want to know more about your work can easily access it during interviews or when browsing for those to feature at cultural events and weddings.

Great photo of Global Dance Studio’s troupe at Essence of Bellydance

Photo Portfolio
When going to restaurants to meet with the owners or when meeting with executive producers for shows you should have a book of your photos and programs featuring all or most of what you have done. Investing in good pictures with an outstanding photographer like Studio Jaki is very important as well. Great photographers really bring your work and effort to light. They are not an option, they are requirement in order to promote yourself.

Absolutely Gorgeous…we loved her!

Great Costumes
Go ahead and invest in the best you can find. We at carry a variety of costumes for students and even professionals. We specialise in troupe wear and that’s something you’ll certainly want to help emphasize your ability to socialise in this space and be a part of a community. Many producers love to invite troupes to really bring home the family/sisterhood/brotherhood that is found in our art. One great costume a year is understandable. Next week we’ll talk about the last big thing a dancer needs…which is knowledge and skills. Combining all of these is the key to success. Let’s continue to discuss!


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