Wear It Well – Own your costume

We’re revisiting a very important topic, owning your costume in every sense of the word. Confidence in your great costume can be just as crucial as getting the technique right for your routine. When buying a costume, submitting your correct measurements is crucial. Any body changes or padding you’re adding or taking away is very important to the costume creator. For those that enjoy wearing bedluhs, making sure you have seen yourself from every angle will ensure you don’t have any costume malfunctions or undesired gaps in your outfit.


We suggest making a checklist each time you plan to perform in your costume.
1. Try it on as soon as you get it: If the outfit doesn’t fit or has any issues you can write to the company immediately so that things can be addressed in a timely manner. Most companies do not give refunds on custom made costumes so you’ll need to alert them quickly as they may be able to help you in other ways.

2. Look at the back of the outfit: Buy a standing mirror and make sure you see what your costume looks like from every angle. Certain dance moves may cause the costume to shift awkwardly and you’ll want to adjust your outfit accordingly.

3. Get a friend’s opinion: Ask a relative or someone close to you (even better if they are in the dance industry) to examine how you look in the outfit. They may be able to suggest a hair style, jewelry or other enhancements.


4. Do your routine in the costume once: See how it feels or moves. Doing Debke in a bedluh may require a cover up or abayah due to the leg movements, leaps and other footwork that lifts the skirt up. You don’t want to flash your audience.

5. Save it for the show: A lot of raqswear can be worn as evening wear but we suggest saving your elegant bedluhs and heavily embroidered garments for dance shows. They are quite special and you’ll want to wow your audiences with outfits they’ve never seen. If you like to wear raqs wear out, pick other less expensive items such as cool skirts, tops and jewelry that you can bellydance in for fun at parties. Save your bedluhs for your best performances.


In a future post we’ll look at caring for these heavily embroidered garments. We hope in the meantime you’ll continue to share photos from your shows wearing MissBellydance.com, all shares are entered to win prize packs all summer long.


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