PROUD SPONSOR of Essence of Bellydance 2016

Once again we’re excited about Essence of Bellydance! This year we’ll have representatives present throughout the entire weekend. We’ll be selling just a few of our popular items and also offering you a chance to pre-order or come by our place, during your time at the festival, to try on different things you want to buy. May we recommend the following?



Beilasi worn by Karma Karmelita of Atlanta



Allow us to make a plug for Studio Jaki who will be doing photoshoots on site. Sign up!
save 10% on your future order at when attending this event.



Spinning Spirit worn by dancer Karma Karmelita of Atlanta


All of this and more are available on – write to us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram to learn more about each outfit. We’ll be posting videos throughout our time there. Click here and join the fun!

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