Bellydance Online – Another Way to Learn

There are a lot of thoughts around this topic and we’re in agreement that one should definitely take advantage of classes in person. However, for some, that’s not always possible. As much as we agree one can’t do all things online because one can miss the benefits of being social, you can still gain a lot from web-based raqs sharqi courses. Like it or not, they aren’t going anywhere and we’re happy about that.

Suhaila Salimpour offers a highly-praised online course

During Bellydance Fashion Week, several courses were made available online. We did have attendees tune-in and leave comments. They interacted from the comfort of their homes. If only things like this were available years ago for those with broken legs, the sick or those who were just too far away to take a two-day trip half around the world.

Eshta Amar’s course was offered online during Bellydance Fashion Week Atlanta. We’re grateful the team made that available.

As with anything, use the internet responsibly. Use online courses to gain skills and become better at the art vs. avoiding the social aspect that is a part one’s dance community. We look forward to making many things available via web-based alternatives and not just our clothing. We understand that sometimes a fan just can’t make it. So kudos to those who are offering these classes and thinking outside the box. They are bound to bring in more interest and encourage us all to get together in person for some quality raqs time.

Thanks for reading!
-Team MBD

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