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Beilasi worn by Karma Karmelita of Atlanta

With BDFW2016 under our belts we’re ready to get going on to the next big thing. In the meantime we’re showing you some of the items that were a big hit at the week’s event. That includes spinning skirts, casual lifestyle raqswear and printed ensembles.

Printed skirts are always a hit in this genre of dance. We see that they are being used not only in raqs sharqi/bellydance but in modern dance and modern art as well. These designs tell a story as they swirl with the dancer and float effortlessly across the stage.

If print is not your thing, try this in a variety of other colours including solids.

Spinning Spirit worn by dancer Karma Karmelita of Atlanta

Next week we explore the cool fabrics that can be found in lifestyle wear from Don’t miss it! Subscribe to our blog.

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