Spring and Summer Deals of the Week

Stick around all this week and next for Deal of the Week. Get an extra 10% off cool, colourful and creative costumes. You’ll use code DealWeek2016 and choose from 3 costumes that week in the sale. It’ll be awesome, you can even get one for a friend.

As we head on into the breezy days of spring and hot summer nights, dancers will travel to festivals and big events around the globe. These costumes we are offering will be light and comfortable cuts and designs that are easy to roll up into your suitcase and take on the road. We’ll have fashion bags and other carry alls soon that will let the world know you’re a serious dancer and keep your fashion stash on board. We’re excited about the fun summer festivals. Tweet us, post a photo and let us know where you’re going in your MissBellydance.com ensembles, accessories and costumes.


Check out this week’s deals.

Adaasania comes in several colours.


Crystal Casbah is a timeless classic in raqs art.


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