Meet Mehmet & Aya at Shimmies & Shiraz


Aya1Ever desired to run off to Turkey and sit with locals to learn the intricate side of raqs sharqi and culture? Well, you don’t have to go very far. has roots in Turkiye/Turkey and during Bellydance Fashion Week 2016 you’ll get the chance to study and learn a few fashion tips from locals. Both Aya of Istanbul and Mehmet will be around on Friday to go over how to accessorize your costume featuring the latest trends in dance both here and in Turkiye.

You’ll get to hear first hand what is trending and what is new plus how to feature it on your own outfits. Bring your favourite costume, hipscarf or accessory as well as any embellishments you want. You can also buy some on site at where the workshop will be held. It’s a perfect chance to be absolutely creative while learning about the culture and trends in the country as well as what’s going on outside in the raqs world.

Join us next week at 7pm! RSVP here:

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