Latin Tribal Fusion Dance Class – 19 April #BDFW 2016


On Tuesday April 19th, attendees at Bellydance Fashion Week will have the opportunity to study with Heidi in a Latin Tribal Fusion class. Latin Dance has had such an impact on the Raqs world over the years. There are so many traces of Latin art and movement in modern Middle Easter dance that sometimes it’s difficult to tell which was borrowed from the other. When you look at the migration patterns and even the shape of the continents you can see there was a clear connection and that kinship continues today.

Heidi’s class will focus on fast footwork, exciting turns and more mixed with the Tribal vocabulary found in groups like Hah’bi Ru and Bal Anat. It’s an excellent chance to work with an amazing instructor and performer who has roots in Latin culture.

On a side note, Heidi is a member of the Salsa Belles. She has courses and classes all year round. The entire group is a fantastic. Heidi brings that same energy and excitement to everything she does. Have a look at their video…

We can’t wait to learn as much as we can from Heidi and are very grateful to have such a wealth of knowledge and talent as a part of our circle of friends!

And in true MissBellydance style, we’re offering a little trivia based on this exciting week we have ahead. Reply below in the comments or if you’re seeing this on Facebook, reply. You can also tweet us the answer to be eligible to win a prize pack from Ready? Here’s the question. Name the series of shoppes in Egypt famous among tourists and locals or having just about everything you’d want to buy. Hint: It’s often referred to as a market.

Can’t wait to see you in class and hear from you in the comments!

-Team MBD


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