Spring at MissBellydance.com

It’s almost Spring! Just a few more days. But we’re already eager to show off some festive styles to hipkick off the season. We’re looking at the brightest and biggest skirt and top ensembles to make your raqs show a memorable one. All of these styles are a part of new collection. A few of which will be seen at Bellydance Fashion Week this coming April.


We’re still receiving high praise on these casual costumes for audience members and stars who want to look amazing even when they’re off stage. The tops are wrap around and made of a comfortable stretch material. They fit up to 3X comfortably.


Be sure to log on and stock up on these select Spring styles and superfan couture while they last! Once out of stock, some items will be discontinued to make way for more limited edition unique fashion.


Join us in person for Bellydance Fashion Week 2016 by registering here.
Also, look for our ad at Cairo NYC featuring Mohamed Shahin and his amazing team of Raqs stars from Egypt!

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