Bellydance Fashion Panel Discussion

image Bellydance costumes can often be works of art. From the past and present days of Khan al Khalili to the conferences we flock to just to meet certain designers, the “costume” means a lot to many dancers and their fans. The first day of Bellydance Fashion Week will explore the importance of the costume from many different points of view. There will be political angles, the buyers’ angle and that of the dancer themselves…how costuming truly affects their career.

“You can’t wear just any costume in every setting. Raqs wear is one of those mind blowing, well thought out presentations that can sometimes consume you more than the dance itself. I remember skipping a class once in college because I was so obsessed with designing what I was going to wear at the upcoming International Dance Party we hosted once a month. I remember we had just gotten some new neighbours in from Egypt and the Maghreb. I was freaking out over how was I going to combine both of their cultures and not outshine one over the other. All of this determines one’s costume choice and if it doesn’t then you still have a lot to learn about this industry.” -AA, Resident Archivist

Everyone has something to say about why they are so vested in the costuming industry. Skill is deterimental to success in this industry. Basic bellydance skills can only get you so far. When you couple years of work, special technique to enhance traditional dance plus music and cultural knowledge, it deserves a beautiful frock to adorn your education. This goes for the native Moroccan performing at their first wedding for family to the guy or girl who stumbled upon the art by way of a friend. Adorn your knowledge and skill with suitable attire that let’s the world know, you know what you’re doing. We’re going to talk to several dancers who are doing just that!

Join us at Babylon Cafe on Monday the 18th of April for a full panel discussion on the History of Raqs Costuming: Past, Present and Future. Register for Bellydance Fashion Week here:

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