Study with the Stars

There are quite a few things we’ll be getting into this year. We’re looking forward to participating in lots of shows and events through promotions and sponsorships. First on our promo list: Suhaila Salimpour Intesnive Weekend with Atlanta Fusion Bellydance.

Click here to Register for Suhaila’s workshop with Atlanta Fusion Bellydance

We’ll be open on the days the AFBD team & Suhaila are in the studio and all are welcome to shop with 10% off on $50 purchases (15% off if you are registered with the workshop). We encourage everyone to take full advantage of these opportunities to study with legendary teachers and artists. Take a few minutes to go through their sites, their videos, testimonials and experiences from other dancers, and then, go to the workshops and form your own opinions and share them. This is how we build ourselves as students, performers and teachers. Sitting in front of a computer is not enough. One needs to get out and be on the scene to experience a true raqs dream.

Let us know where you’re going this year and stop by and say hi Salimpour weekend!

Keep Shimmying

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