Caftans, Cover-Ups and Cloaks

image It’s officially cold on the East Coast. How about where you are? Beat these chilly temps by staying warm in a cover up from These come in velvet and cotton. Both are long and you can wear them over layers.

Cover ups, regional cloaks and jackets and more are often worn for modesty. Ours are made with the entertainer and modern day “mode” or fan of fashion in mind. Consider these as a way to not only knock off the chill but to look stylish without going totally bare. Your costume should be saved for the stage, so don’t dare to share too soon. Get yourself a lovely cover up and jacket to conceal your magic before the majestic showcase.

Chebba Jacket
Velvet Cloak
Short Jacket
Traditional Embroidered Thobe
Black Sheer


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