Keep It Colourful! #LoveColours #Bellydance #RaqsSharqi

image We’re really excited about the awesome fashion we’re seeing at shows , not just because a lot of it has been MBD couture but because fans and dancers have been so creative in their raqswear. We want to join in the idea of keeping it colourful with our own array of gorgeous hip scarves and accessories. Make your outfits pop with just the right veil, coinbelt, fans and more.

Our fan veils are a great way to bring attention to our set and demonstrate your skills. They flow beautifully and look amazing at festivals and in group sets. There are many different colours from which to choose. Bold, bright and billowing in the wind, this is what you want in your raqs parade with your troupe.

image Veils are known to create a grand entrance for a performance. Though traditionally they are tossed quickly after one enters, it should be a first highlight for your set. Bring the eyes to the stage with a big, popping colour and then let your passion and technique take over from there.

Once that veil is dropped, revealing you in all your awesomeness, shine like a diamond with an amazing costume accompanied by a jewelry set. Your shimmies will never be forgotten if they are adorned with coins and jewels and your wrists shimmering under stage lights.

So keep it colourful and bright this summer! And send us pictures to get entered to win a prize. Looking forward to seeing you shine!

Team MBD


Our Tips for the week – learn a variety of raqs genres and sister dances. Know the history of the dance and where it is going. Embrace diversity in dance.



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