Bold Colourful Looks for the Stage

imageLooking for something cool, breezy and beautiful for your troupes? Try Raja Raqs! It’s a gorgeous bra and bolero top with skirt and veil. It’s a popular classic cut that is often worn to celebrate regional raqs and bellydance. Got an earthy song with great rythm or something that is soul stirring and evokes a powerful scene? Consider this bold, bright ensemble to compliment your troupe’s work.

You can buy this in three different colours, blue, black and red. Each one is designed exactly the same, no worries on getting one with one design and the other with another. The waist is elastic and the bolero has a secure velvet fastener. It’s a really great option for troupes looking for a lively ensemble to compliment the look and feel of a strong dance set.

Even more helpful will be our 25% discount code “summer2015” on all orders of $75 or more. Get in on that deal now. It ends very soon. Send us photos of you and your troupe in this great ensemble and let us know where you wore it or plan to wear it. We’d love to highlight your events with our network of friends and dance family

Keep on Dancing!
Team MBD

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