Raqs Wear Today

image Our industry has evolved continuously. These days dancers want to wear their craft daily. Fans are eager to show their support for the art of Raqs Sharqi as well as the region’s couture. We’re offering several options that meet that criteria for our customers. Raqs Wear has become all the rage in Raqs Sharqi circles and communities world wide. All genres are represented in these everyday styles. Ours are made of a flexible material that meets the needs of the diverse community of dancers seeking out something stylish for everyday.

From wrap waist tops, to flirty, swirly skirts, our website features several raqs wear items and skirts that are sure the please. They are also thin enough to be worn in the blazing summer heat. So, go out sizzlin in these sleek and stylisth ensembles.

Tell us which ones are your favourites on our FB wall and Instragram uploads and you could be our next winner. We’re giving away prizes next month. Join the conversation online and up your chance at winning.

Thanks for reading!
Team MBD

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